Massacre map pinpoints victims’ deaths, abductions

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An interactive map visualizing the massacre carried out by Hamas terrorists in Israel’s south has gone online, enabling viewers to see exactly where people were killed and abducted and to better understand the scope of events.

“The October 7th Geo-visualization Project strives to provide a comprehensive representation of the atrocities committed by Hamas on that day,” the website notes. “This interactive map serves as a reflection and an educational tool, promoting awareness of the gravity of the horrors.”

Overall, more than 1,400 people were killed in the attacks, 240 people were kidnapped and 40 are missing. Almost 5,000 people were injured.

The map showcases the different locations where terrorists killed and kidnapped – the music festival in Rei’m, the Nahal Oz, Kfar Aza and Be’eri communities, the city of Ofakim, as well as other communities, army bases and even highways where people were gunned down or abducted.

Each red point on the black-and-white map signifies a person killed. When users click on a point, a window pops up with that person’s name, age, photo and place of death, as well as links to news coverage where applicable. Each black dot signifies a person who was abducted.

Users also have the option to search for people killed or abducted by name, with the map leading them to the place of the incident.

When zooming in on Kibbutz Be’eri, for example, users’ screens fill up with dozens of red dots, demonstrating the horrific death toll the small community experienced – more than 85 people murdered and at least 26 kidnapped. 

The map also offers what it calls a “walkthrough” of October 7, zooming in on each of the locations and highlighting the course of events there. In describing the massacre that took place at the music festival, for example, the website describes the following:

“Hamas unleashed a rapid mass shooting and took civilians hostage. As attendees attempted to escape, they faced gunfire from deadly AK-47s, RPGs, and hand grenades. Some of the wounded were executed at point-blank range while crouched on the ground. This orchestrated terror resulted in over 270 murdered civilians, hundreds injured, and dozens taken hostage, transforming a lively festival into a horrific scene, marking the beginning of a dark week for the nation.”  

While the initiators of the project remain unknown, it was recently shared by Israel’s official X (formerly Twitter) account, which called on the public to visit the website and pay tribute to the victims and their families.


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Written by: Soft FM Radio Staff

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