Experiencing 9Wave Music Festival Through The Lens Of Realme

todayNovember 19, 2023 2

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The pulsating rhythm of the music reverberated through our souls as we stood amidst a sea of fellow K-pop enthusiasts, all united in our love for the electrifying energy of the 9Wave Music Festival. The air was thick with anticipation, and the stage, ablaze with dazzling lights, beckoned us closer.

The TRP team had the privilege of enjoying the recent K-pop concert – all thanks to our friends at Realme. We got to capture various memorable moments with our trusty Realme 11 Pro+ 5G in hand. 

Image: Melissa Kho/TRP

With its cutting-edge features tailored for an unparalleled photography experience, this smartphone proved to be the perfect companion for immersing ourselves in the vibrant atmosphere of the 9Wave Music Festival.

Clear in zoom

As the first chords of the opening act rang out, we were naturally compelled to raise our phones, as we were eager to immortalise the moment. The Realme 11 Pro+5G made it tremendously easy to do so. 

Its staggering 200MP OIS camera featuring 4x in-sensor zoom, allowed us to capture every concert shot precisely. This was especially true during the times when it felt out of reach. 

Image: Melissa Kho/TRP

Though we were placed at the Wave section of Sunway’s Surf Beach, there were times during the concert when it was difficult to get a clear shot of the performers, seeing how they were moving from one space of the stage to another. 

But the 200MP OIS featuring 4x in-sensor zoom allowed us to focus and capture zoomed moments without compromising the details and quality of the pictures. 

The results were spectacular as every photo we took was reflective of the euphoric moments we had during the concert. 

Image: Melissa Kho/TRP

Plus, the optical image stabilisation (OIS) technology also helped make the captured pictures crystal-clear, adding a layer of precision despite the dynamic and fast-paced concert setting. 

Playing with moods

But during clearer and more stable times, it was more beneficial to switch to Realme’s street mode. The mode which came with its own built-in filters, gave us the opportunity to be experimental with the different moods.

Image: Melissa Kho/TRP

Given that the concert started around 6pm and ended at midnight, we needed to have photography modes that could assist us in finding the right mood for each moment.

So, before sundusk, we optimised Realme’s street mode. This feature granted us the freedom to highlight the valuable moments differently with each of the exclusive built-in filters. 

From the flamingo filter to the urban filter, we managed to capture the energetic moments on and off stage beautifully. And when it came to sun dusk, we switched to the night mode. 

Image: Melissa Kho/TRP

Equipped with an auto and pro nightscape, this feature guarded us through the night, aiding us in perfectly remembering the highlights on screen. 

Selfies with Clarity

Of course, our concert experience would not have been complete without a selfie. No matter the occasion, a selfie is always compulsory. Fortunately, Realme got us covered during the event with its 32MP Selfie Camera feature. 

The 32MP Selfie Camera delivered a stunning quality of clarity for our selfies. Be it our group selfies or solo ones, the Realme 11 Pro+ 5G effortlessly encapsulated our excitement and joy. 

Easy on the hands 

Beyond its exceptional camera capabilities, the Realme 11 Pro+ 5G also caught our attention with its premium Vegan Leather Design. It felt comfortable in our hands, ensuring we could focus on capturing every moment without compromising on style.

Image: TRP

Speaking of being comfortable, the phone size of the Realme 11Pro+5G also made it ideal to easily focus on the photography aspect of our concert experience. 

Similarly to its predecessors, the phone was easy on our hands. We were able to take and record videos using just one hand, as the size made it perfect for taking photographs one-handed. 

Ample Storage for Endless Memories

With each passing song, our RealMe 11 Pro+ 5G’s ample storage quietly absorbed the flood of memories we were creating.

Image: Melissa Kho/TRP

The 12GB + 512GB Epic Storage ensured that every precious moment, from the electrifying performances to the shared laughter with friends, was safely preserved.

Powerful and Swift Charging

The 100W SUPERVOOC Charge and the massive 5000mAh battery allowed us to stay connected throughout the festival without any interruption.

Quick charging capabilities ensured that we spent more time enjoying the music and less time tethered to a charging outlet.


It did not matter if the lights were low, as the pictures we took were sharp, catching every grin and dance step. And when the crowd lit up with LED wristbands and light sticks, our Realme made sure the vibrant chaos was forever etched in pixels. 

Image: Melissa Kho/TRP

It was truly a privilege to have experienced the 9Wave Music Festival through the lens of Realme. Its powerful camera system, stylish design, and impressive features truly made it a standout device for daily use or any occasion at all. 

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Written by: Soft FM Radio Staff

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