Artistes who made 2023 memorable in the music scene

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 Vocalist Sofiya Nzau. (Instagram/Sofiya Nzau)

One of the most revolutionising industries in the world is music. It is a dynamic tapestry, woven with the threads of ever-shifting consumer tastes, and the emergence of fresh voices and genres. Here are some of the artistes who made 2023 memorable in the music scene.

Sofiya Nzau

She might be the latest in the addition of stars that have shone this year thanks to her hit, Mwaki. Sofiya’s artistry reaches beyond just her music; it embodies the soul of Africa.

With her calm yet commanding voice, she encapsulates the essence of the continent in each note she sings. Her storytelling skills weave intricate narratives that resonate deeply with her listeners, transcending language barriers and cultural boundaries.

Her music speaks of the joy, sorrow, and resilience of African communities, carrying with it the spirit of generations past and the promise of a brighter future. Sofiya’s enchanting melodies embrace the diversity of African traditions and bring them to a global stage, spreading the message of unity and love.

 Bridget Blue

Bridget Blue blends contemporary and R&B elements in her musical creations. Her velvety vocals, poignant lyrics, and distinctive rhythm distinguish her sound.

Kesho, one of her popular songs was released in 2023. This music became a soulful anthem that quickly topped the charts.

Bridget’s captivating vocals and songwriting prowess have earned her collaborations with established artistes, further solidifying her position in the Kenyan music industry.

Vijana Barubaru

Vijana Barubaru is a musical duo comprising Tuku Kantu and Mshairi Spikes. Their music strikes a chord with the everyday experiences and lives of their devoted fanbase.

Commended for their talent in forging emotional connections with audiences, their music has always been authentic and has some magical lyrics.


Feisty femcee Kuky has outdone herself in the male-dominated rap music world. With her unique style and powerful lyrics, she is challenging the status quo.

Through her music, she addresses social issues, empowers women, and shares her personal experiences, creating a powerful connection with her audience.

By fearlessly expressing herself through her art, Kuky is not only making a name for herself but also inspiring other aspiring female artistes to pursue their dreams.

Despite being a newbie in the industry, she has gone over and beyond in perfecting her craft and her latest EP, Resilient Rhymes makes her one of the emerging artistes that have taken the industry by storm this particular year. 

Vic West

Vic West rose to prominence with the launch of his track Kuna Kuna, a lively Afrobeats song that rapidly garnered attention not only in Kenya but also internationally.

In a recent dazzling release, Vic West has unveiled a masterpiece visual accompanying the track Men Can Lie, featuring the extraordinary talents of Teslah Kenya, Sylvia Ssaru, and Brandy Maina.

The song stands as an all-ladies anthem, poised to ignite empowerment among women worldwide! With a resounding message, the song encourages women to shatter the illusions frequently woven by men.


Vince, Brandon, and Ethan, the three pillars of Jadi, are not just singers; they are storytellers, weaving tales of love and resilience through their music. Their voices blend seamlessly, creating a tapestry of sound that resonates with listeners of all backgrounds.

Their instrumental skills are equally impressive, effortlessly navigating between traditional African rhythms and contemporary pop influences.

In an eagerly awaited moment, the sensational Kenyan group, Jadi, has revealed their inaugural album, aptly titled Breeze Ya Jioni.

Each song takes the listener on an intimate journey through the tales, emotions, and dreams of the Kenyan soul, conjuring memories of golden sunsets and the refreshing evening breeze — a nostalgic nod to the album’s evocative title.


In the lively and always-changing world of Kenyan music, Fathermoh is like a shooting star. His name is linked to catchy tunes, and creative lyrics that everyone can relate to.

His path to becoming a big name in the industry is all about talent, hard work, and a deep love for music. Fathermoh’s ascent to stardom is a living testament to his talent, relentless dedication, and unyielding love for music.

A trailblazer in the Gengetone genre, he has boldly stretched its boundaries, moulding and defining its sonic landscape. His tunes have echoed across the globe, casting him as a distinguished global representative of Kenyan music.


Savinnah is a 22-year-old singer and songwriter. A pop ‘girlie’ who is confident and knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to show her emotions.

Being pretty new in the industry, her EP, Pardon Me, sets her apart as one of the promising singers that we should all look out for in 2024. The EP has been majorly received well and will probably be used as her catapulting force into the industry. 


His fascinating rhythms and lyrics have earned him to cult-like followers. Kinoti has established a name for himself in the local music scene. His music is a flawless fusion of modern Afrobeat and traditional African rhythms, creating a distinctive and dynamic sound that is upbeat and inspirational.


This gifted rapper is making waves in the music scene with his unfiltered talent and fearless lyrics. His songs resonate with the challenges and truths faced by young Kenyans, solidifying his role as a powerful voice for his generation.

Even as a solo artiste, Boutross hasn’t let success deter his passion for collaboration. Partnerships with Nviiri the Storyteller, Femi One and Bensoul have underscored Boutross’s knack for connecting with varied audiences, extending his influence across the colourful tapestry of the Kenyan music scene.


Although not a new face, Ssaru has had a colourful run this year. The gifted rapper is causing a stir in the music arena with her distinct style and socially aware lyrics. Her musical fusion of Hip Hop, R&B, and Afrobeat is a testament to her storytelling prowess, weaving narratives that deeply connect with her audience.

Ssaru stands as an inspiration for young women, and her mark on the music industry is bound to grow.

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