aespa Giselle Health Scare: Will She Miss the Star-Studded ‘Outside Lands’ Music Fest?

todayAugust 11, 2023 9

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A major bombshell has hit the K-pop scene as aespa’s Giselle battles the flu while on her U.S. tour!

Shockwaves reverberate through the fandom as news breaks that the rising star is sidelined due to health concerns.

SM Entertainment Announced About aespa’s Giselle’s Flu

As anticipation builds for aespa’s historic performance at ‘Outside Lands,’ a cloud of uncertainty hangs over the event.

(Photo : twitter|@aespa_official@)

On August 11th, a notification was shared on aespa’s official social media accounts by SM Entertainment.

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aespa Giselle

(Photo : twitter|@aespa_official@)

“Giselle will be absent from the ‘Outside Lands’ festival scheduled for August 11th.

Although the artist expressed her strong determination to participate in the scheduled event, we have decided that it would be difficult for her to participate in the ‘Outside Lands’ festival, considering the medical staff’s advice and the artist’s health as our top priority.

We ask for the generous understanding of the fans”.

— SM Entertainment

SM revealed that Giselle’s presence would be missing from the anticipated ‘Outside Lands’ festival set for the same date.

Giselle’s Sudden Absence Leaves MYs Heartbroken”

aespa’s devoted fanbase reels in shock as the news of Giselle’s sudden illness-induced absence from the ‘Outside Lands’ festival spreads like wildfire.

aespa Giselle

(Photo : twitter|@aespa_official@)

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With doubts swirling and speculation rampant, fans are left grappling with their emotions.

Read on to know their sentiments:

  • “Giselle get well soon”
  • “Speed recovery Aeri!”
  • “Get well soon,Ari”
  • “get well soon gigi”
  • “no, this is very disappointing. how come Giselle doesn’t take part in the 2 much awaited festivals, I hope you get well soon gi”
  • “get well soon friend”
  • “I’m sad when aespa is not complete but yeah their health is more important than anything else get well soon Giselle”
  • “Get rest and feel better Giselle!”
  • “get well soon. we love u!”
  • “Get well soon my love! Pls be well and healthy. Eat plenty of healthy foods and drink lots of water. Always with you my love!”
  • “get well soon, giselle. we know how much you’re excited to show your performance and meet MYs but for the sake of your health, please rest and recover. wishing for your a speedy recovery, aeri”

Sources close to the situation reveal that Giselle exhibited flu symptoms amidst her busy U.S. schedule.

aespa Giselle is now taking a much-needed break, focusing on rest and recuperation, as advised by medical experts.

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todayAugust 11, 2023 9

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