YouTube Music gets an AI-powered playlist cover generator

todayNovember 22, 2023 2

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If you use YouTube Music for music streaming, then you should be getting the new AI-powered cover generator soon. A few days ago, an update to the streaming app brought this new feature to users. With it, users can further personalize their playlists to suit their taste or mood by just being creative with their thoughts.

This isn’t the first AI-generative feature that Google has rolled out to users in recent times. In comparison, this feature is quite similar to the Google AI wallpaper generator feature on Pixel devices. Just like this other feature, the new entry in YouTube Music app helps generate artwork by using prompts or instructions that the user provides.

After users curate their playlists on the app, they will then need to provide a cover image. With this new feature, they can get creative and dictate in detail how they want the cover image to look. YouTube Music’s new generative AI tool will then use the user’s description to design a cover image for the playlist.

YouTube Music’s new AI-powered cover generator brings some fun to the playlist-creation process

Creating a good music playlist involves a good measure of creativity and taste. The same could be said when it comes to picking a good music playlist cover. The cover image should reflect the mood that the playlist dwells on, and most of the time, users have a hard time finding good playlist cover images.

The users usually have an idea of what they want the playlist cover to look like, but have a hard time getting the right image. Well, YouTube Music is bringing that struggle to an end as they are giving users the tools to explore their creative side. As long as they have a clear idea of the playlist cover image in mind, the new AI-powered cover generator will bring it to reality.

There are over 33 settings or categories that users can choose from when creating an AI-generated playlist cover image. Considering the wide range of categories, it’ll be easy for users to find a category their playlist fits into. After selecting the category, they can then proceed to describe the cover image in mind to the AI generator.

These created cover images are only accessible on the YouTube Music app, and only those the user shares his playlist with can access the image. You can head over to the Google Play Store and update your YouTube Music app to start enjoying this new AI-generative feature.

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Written by: Soft FM Radio Staff

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