Where was Sabrina Carpenter’s ‘Feather’ filmed? Singer’s ‘provocative’ music video ‘appalls’ Brooklyn’s Catholic leaders

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LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: The Diocese of Brooklyn has expressed its strong disapproval of the music video of Sabrina Carpenter’s latest single, ‘Feather,’ which was shot at the Blessed Virgin Mary Church in Brooklyn. 

The “provocative” music video of the song, which is part of the deluxe edition of her album ‘Emails I Can’t Send’, apparently “appalled” the Brooklyn Bishop Robert Brennan, as stated by the Catholic News Agency on Thursday, November 2. 

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Diocese of Brooklyn accuses parish of violating filming policy

The Diocese of Brooklyn emphasized that the parish failed to adhere to its policy regarding the filming of scenes and scripts on church property.

In the visually striking music video, released just in time for Halloween, Sabrina Carpenter portrays a character who orchestrates and witnesses the death of several men who have behaved inappropriately toward her.

The video begins with an interior shot of the 19th-century Catholic church and culminates with Carpenter dancing around the altar and pews while dressed in a short black tulle outfit, surrounded by pastel coffins containing the deceased men.

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Catholic News Agency reported that the parish had communicated to the diocese that the production company did not accurately represent the video’s content. Moreover, Bishop Robert Brennan has expressed his intent to investigate the matter further.

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Sabrina Carpenter’s representatives and director remain silent

As of now, representatives for Sabrina Carpenter have not responded to EW’s request for comment, and a representative for the video’s director, Mia Barnes, declined to comment.

Carpenter, known for her roles in Disney Channel productions and the ‘Girl Meets World’ series, has referred to ‘Emails I Can’t Send’ as her first “big girl album,” marking a departure from her previous pop-centric work.

“I think a lot of my childhood was people telling me what I can and cannot say, or what they think I should be able to say because I’m supposed to raise their children or something,” she spoke to Variety earlier this year.

She added, “It’s so weird because I’ve grown up with a lot of fans since I was 14 or 15. So now they’re in this place where they’re either in college or graduating college.”

“They’ve gone through some of their first heartbreak. They’ve gone through some of their scariest, most painful moments in life, or some of their happiest, most exciting victories in life. We’re in a very similar place,” expressed Carpenter. 

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