What Critics Are Saying About Ghost’s ‘Rite Here Rite Now’ Film

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What Critics Are Saying About Ghost’s ‘Rite Here Rite Now’ Film
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The first reviews have started coming in on Ghost’s ambitious new film Rite Here Rite Now, so what are the the critics saying?

Back in May, Ghost revealed that Rite Here Rite Now would be the name of their new film and that it would receive a worldwide theatrical release for two days only. The band recorded a pair of Los Angeles shows last fall to provide the concert portion of the movie, but much like Metallica’s Through the Never movie, the concert is only part of the film with an actual narrative element surrounding the performance.

What’s New to Be Learned From the First Reviews

The first reviews of the film are now starting to come in. It appears as though the narrative part of the film is more set backstage at the show, adding more insight into the overall production. notes, “There is no denying that first and foremost this is a live music production, however it goes so much more beyond that. With the intertwined cut scenes mid performance, taking us back stage for the storyline narrative, it adds a whole new dimension for the audience meaning you are less likely to want to skip any of the action.”

They add, “However what sets this apart from any other type of music live production, are the well timed ‘behind the scenes’ type segments which blend the live performance aspect with the narrative exceedingly well. With the cleverly timed cut scenes, laced with a subtle comical feeling, they perfectly seek to create an intrigue into the future direction of the Papa IV.”

What the Critics Are Saying About Ghost’s Rite Here Rite Now

Metal Hammer’s reviewer Merlin Alderslade notes, “The production itself is excellent, as everything from the camera angles, to the lighting/staging were brilliantly done,” while adding, “The band (made up of the nameless Ghouls) were clearly at the top of their game, and combined with the vocals of Tobias Forge and his witty mid set humour keeping the audience engaged, it has all the hallmarks of a performance to remember.”

He adds, “If there is a message at the blackened (but glitter-covered) heart of Ghost’s first ever full-length film, it’s the importance of living in the moment, of refusing to be too wrapped up in those things we cannot control and seizing the chance to enjoy the things that we can.”

As for the review, “As a concert film, however, it really is much more than that: it’s an instant classic and an absolute triumph.”

Simon Hooper of comments, “Whilst the narrative at first may be confusing for anyone new to the world of Ghost, its certain that it will leave some with fascination to join the congregation for many more future rituals to come. In true Ghost fashion, everything has a purpose, and the cut scenes truly do culminate in a surprise right at the end which is one not to be missed.”

RockSoundTV’s Maddie Howell attended the film’s London premiere and remarked afterward that Rite Here Rite Now is “a movie that changes the game for music cinema,” adding, “Whether you’re a devoted disciple or a curious onlooker, Rite Here Rite Now is something special. Bombastic, sinister, and deeply emotional at points, it’s a one-of-a-kind spooky celebration for lovers of all things heavy, guided by some of the most talented creative minds in the game. If you’ve yet to be initiated into the world of Ghost, this is your moment.”

What Tobias Forge Has Said About the Film

In a new Los Angeles Times interview with Tobias Forge and director Alex Ross Perry, Forge notes that given the nature of Ghost’s theatrical approach to their live show, he’s been asked repeatedly about filming performances.

“The longer it took for us to make a film, the more I knew that this was something that was going to be worth sitting on,” he explained, later adding, “We knew once we finally came out with a concert movie, it’s going to be something that the fans have waited for, so you better make it count.”

As for adding the narrative to the film, Forge and Perry created an entire set that meshed with the Kia Forum concert backdrop. “It has gear cases, about one couch and some folding chairs,” Perry says of the real backstage at the Forum. “Tobias wanted his grand baroque, red-velvet-curtain, chandelier, Phantom of the Opera-looking set.”

Having set the stage over the years with various teasers and short films, the movie starts bringing the elements together. “I figured I better get things in order and tell the story,” Forge told the L.A. Times, “Because people are listening, you might as well tell them something important.”

Where Can You See Ghost’s Rite Here Rite Now?

Upon the film’s announcement, a corresponding website popped up that would lead fans to theaters in their area that will be showing the film. Given that the movie is airing in different parts of the world with different time zones, there are screenings actually spanning from June 20-23 though supposed the film has a two-day screening window.

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Head to the Rite Here Rite Now film website to score your tickets to see the movie and check out the most recent trailer below.

Ghost, Rite Here Rite Now Trailer

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