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AHMEDABAD: A tragic accident occurred on the Iskcon flyover in Ahmedabad, resulting in the loss of nine lives. The incident involved a teenage driver named Tathya Patel and his friends who were driving in his father’s Jaguar SUV. It has been reported that the group was engaging in boisterous activities inside the vehicle, including tickling each other and playing loud music, which distracted them from the road.

According to the police, Tathya and his friends, three girls and two boys, were racing down the road, paying no attention to their surroundings. The SUV lost control and crashed into a group of people who had gathered on the flyover to witness another accident that had occurred earlier. The rain-soaked conditions and limited visibility on the flyover further worsened the situation.

Tathya, during interrogation, confessed that he and his friends were enjoying their ride and were not aware of the crowd gathered on the flyover. The SUV was allegedly exceeding the speed limit, going over 100kmph. The reckless behavior of the driver and the challenging visibility conditions were cited as contributing factors to the accident.

To determine the probable collision speed, the traffic police reconstructed the events using the same models of the vehicles involved in both accidents. The initial forensic analysis indicated that Tathya was driving at a speed of approximately 120kmph on a flyover with a speed limit of only 40kmph. However, Tathya’s statement regarding his speed has been inconsistent.

The tragic accident has raised concerns about the importance of responsible driving and the consequences of reckless behavior on the road. Authorities have arrested Tathya Patel for his role in the deadly car crash.

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