The unlikely musical Arnold Schwarzenegger calls a favourite

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When conjuring up the image of Arnold Schwarzenegger, one imagines a true titan of a man, brimming with muscle and gristle, toting a machine gun on screen with a clip of ammunition tied around his hulking figure. After all, that’s the kind of picture immortalised in so many cinema fans’ heads since he first burst onto the acting scene in the early 1980s.

But just because Arnie is just about as stacked as it is possible to get does not mean that he doesn’t have something of a softer and more emotional side. The legendary bodybuilder and action hero once expressed his deep love for one of the most admired musicals ever, which may be a shock.

In a feature with Rotten Tomatoes, Schwarzenegger spoke of his profound passion for the iconic 1965 music The Sound of Music, the cute and charming, family-friendly musical set in the gorgeous natural hills of the actor’s native Austria. Given that fact, perhaps The Sound of Music is a home comfort for the Hollywood icon, so far from his beginnings in Europe.

“It’s another one of the movies that I just think the world of,” Arnie noted. “Very, very entertaining. Because, you know, it’s Austria: the music, the look of it. I think it was really a movie that was a very interesting story, but it sold my homeland visually in such a spectacular way. And I have gone, of course, to all of the various different locations that they shot the scenes and all that in Salzburg and around in the Alps and all that stuff.”

Elsewhere, the behemoth actor admitted that the film’s uplifting story, telling of the von Trapp family’s journey from military discipline to unbounded natural freedom, plays a significant factor in capturing his heart. It’s also likely that this narrative resonates with Schwarzenegger, too, who moved through his own life with varying senses of discipline and freedom.

“It’s a really spectacular, entertaining film,” he added. “And it tells a lot about that era in Austria.” Now, Arnie is not necessarily a big fan of musicals in general, but there’s something about The Sound of Music that rings true in his massive heart. As a progenitor of the action genre, the storyline of good and evil, courage and love are also at the centre of the film, so his passion for it is perhaps more than understandable at second glance.

To hear of Schwarzenegger’s love for the Robert Wise classic starring Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer is a wonder in its own right. It proves that even the strongest people have a soft centre, even if they resemble a human fist. Check out the trailer for Arnie’s favourite musical below.

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