The D.O.C. Says He’s Making New Music With ‘A.I. Technology’

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The D.O.C. has announced that he’s looking to reclaim his voice thanks to artificial intelligence, which he’s using to craft a new album.

The Dallas native recently sat down with CBS Mornings. He reflected on the near-fatal 1989 car accident that forever changed his voice, and how he still feels like he has something to say with his music over three decades into his decorated career.

“Fab 5 Freddy asked me if I would be interested in building an album using A.I. technology,” D.O.C. said. The goal would be for him to make new songs, but for A.I. to replace his current damaged voice with one that sounds like him pre-accident.

Freddy told the program: “I just felt like it was a no-brainer for somebody like him to bring some music to the world.”

The N.W.A. affiliate is working with an A.I. company called Suno to bring his vision to life, and he’s excited about the early returns. His last solo LP arrived with 2003’s Deuce.

“When this thing happens, it sounds like a real me,” he said of the company’s computer-generated recreations of his circa-1989 voice, which Suno is applying to new material he’s writing. “I’ve been doing this since I was 16 years old, but I wanted to be the greatest of all-time. And A.I. might give me another shot at that title.”

Watch the clip below.

While D.O.C. is getting back in the booth, he still ranks the late Notorious B.I.G. as his greatest rapper ever. 

Back in May, he explained to the What’s The Headline podcast why Biggie holds his top spot, although he was upset when he initially heard the Brooklyn legend.

Dr. Dre Credits The D.O.C. For Convincing Him To Rap On ‘The Chronic’ Album With Snoop Dogg + More

“I got mad at Biggie Smalls ’cause I could hear where I was gonna go,” The D.O.C. began. “When he first came [out], I could hear where I wanted to go, and couldn’t do it. So it made me be angry with him — before I met him.”

He continued: “But when I met him, he was such a genuine dude. He asked me to take a picture with him, and he was so fuckin’ humble.

“And I was like, how can you hate a dude like that? Ever since then, he’s been my No. 1, really. We were in Chicago at something. It was Saafir and Craig Mack and Smalls and myself. And he was just a cool dude, man.”

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