Take The Wildwood Express To Music Town

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Knobcon 23: Take The Wildwood Express To Music Town

Interesting all in one music device      02/11/23

Knobcon 2023 showcased an intriguing product by Wildwood Soundworks, as we spoke to Tony about the Wildwood Express.

This digital sequencer and synthesizer presents a unique blend of features, boasting a capacitive touch sensor-based interface. With an innovative one-octave keyboard that’s part of an eight-octave range, the Wildwood Express allows users to craft music with ease. It features a chord selector, strum plate, and one-octave keypad, enabling you to select chords, roots, and strum them individually or in sequence.

Furthermore, this device serves as a MIDI input and output hub, making it compatible with external MIDI controllers or digital audio workstations. With features like internal flash storage, a built-in web server, and the ability to read and write standard MIDI files, the Wildwood Express offers a range of creative possibilities for musicians and composers.

The Wildwood Express is an enticing option for those seeking an affordable and handmade sequencer and synthesizer. Priced at $199.99 during the show and $249.99 on Etsy, this handcrafted device features a hardwood base and is meticulously assembled in Penn Valley, California. You can explore its capabilities further on their website,, where you’ll find detailed descriptions, videos, and links to their Etsy shop. With its unique interface and versatile MIDI capabilities, the Wildwood Express opens up new avenues for music creation and experimentation.



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Written by: Soft FM Radio Staff

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