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Award-winning singer-composer Sonam Kalra has been recognized for her exceptional talent in Sufi music and poetry at the Global Music Awards 2023. Her song “Bol” earned her the Gold Medal for Best Female Vocalist and Best Protest Music, while her song “Alfat” won her the Silver Medal for Outstanding Achievement in World Fusion Music. These accolades further solidify her position as a highly respected artist in the industry.

Sonam Kalra’s compositions are deeply rooted in the rich tradition of Sufi poetry. “Bol” is based on the poetry of Faiz Ahmad Faiz, while “Alfat” is an adaptation of the work by poet-saint Baba Bulleh Shah. Kalra emphasizes the power of the written word in both of her original compositions. She believes in using her music to convey meaningful messages and provoke thoughtful reflection among her listeners.

Kalra shares an anecdote from a fan who wrote to her, expressing how her music provided a sense of calm and solace amidst the distressing visuals of the Manipur violence. This testimonial exemplifies Kalra’s intention to create music that resonates with people and prompts introspection.

Among her notable projects, Kalra is recognized for The Sufi Gospel Project, where she successfully bridges the gap between age-old Sufi poetry and the contemporary world. She explains that despite the poetry being written many years ago, its message remains relevant today. Kalra wants others to delve into the profound meanings behind these powerful words, encouraging them to consider the profound messages the poets were conveying.

Kalra gives an example of Hazrat Shah Niyaz’s poem “Man Manam,” which she chose to compose for MTV Coke Studio. The poem’s message about humanity’s shared connection with the divine resonated deeply with her. In a similar vein, her mother, Aneeta Kalra, contributed a beautiful couplet touching upon the same philosophy, which Kalra incorporated into the song. This unity in diversity theme is a common thread in Kalra’s work, emphasizing the importance of accepting each other’s differences and individuality.

Inspired by the teachings of poet Baba Bulleh Shah, Kalra wanted to create a lively piece with her song “Alfat.” The poetry reminds listeners that places of worship are not confined to physical structures but reside within the hearts of individuals. The song encapsulates the joyous celebration of this universal truth, promoting unity and harmony. Kalra continues to explore meaningful collaborations, including one with a talented female Iranian graphic artist and animator for her upcoming project.

Sonam Kalra’s music transcends boundaries and sparks introspection. Through her soul-stirring compositions, she encourages listeners to reflect on the profoundness of Sufi poetry and its enduring relevance in today’s world. With her tremendous success at the Global Music Awards 2023, Kalra solidifies her status as a masterful artist on the global stage.

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