Selena Gomez’s Single Soon Music Video Re-Creates Sex and the City Scene

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Selena Gomez is avenging Carrie Bradshaw in her new music video.

The 31-year-old actor and singer’s new song “Single Soon” premiered Aug. 25 and re-imagines a low moment for the “Sex and the City” protagonist — when Carrie was broken up with via a Post-it note.

Who can forget when, in Season Six, Sarah Jessica Parker’s character pursues a romantic relationship with a fellow writer, novelist Jack Berger (Ron Livingston). But their six-episode long relationship ended when she found a Post-it note stuck to her laptop that read: “I’m sorry. I can’t. Don’t hate me.”

She later shows it to her friends when they meet up for lunch. Carrie intended to break up with Berger, but he told her he “wanted to work things out,” she says in the clip.

“AKA leave in the middle of the night,” Carrie corrected. He then disappeared — another part of the storyline in Gomez’s new song.

Only in Gomez’s video, instead of being dumped, she does the dumping.

At the start of the video, Gomez leaves the same message that Berger left for Carrie on a sticky note, placing it at the entryway of her apartment before walking out the door.

Gomez’s song is an ode to the freedom of breakups and being single.

“Should I do it on the phone? Should I leave a little note in the pocket of his coat?” she sings as she writes the message. “Maybe I’ll just disappear. I don’t want to see a tear, and the weekend’s almost here.”

“I know he’ll be a mess when I break the news, but I’ll be single soon,” she later sings.

The Post-it note breakup was hotly contested on “Sex and the City” and by fans.

Livingston defended the approach in a 2018 interview with TODAY.

“There’s something about being in the age of texting, and Tinder where, like, a handwritten Post-it note is actually kind of old fashioned and quaint,” he said in an interview commemorating 15 years since the episode aired. “You put some effort into that.”

Gomez’s fans haven’t weighed in on that particular reference yet. But, based on comments, they are already loving Gomez’s latest single. Her last album, “Rare,” released in 2020.

“YOU ATE QUEEN,” someone tweeted.

“SONG OF THE SUMMER! slay queen,” another said on X.

“What a voice…,” a third wrote.

Embracing singleness has been a recurring theme for Gomez and her friend group — including pal Taylor Swift — this summer.

Alongside photos from Swift’s annual Fourth of July party, the band Haim wrote the caption “single summer.”

And earlier this summer in June, Gomez invited soccer players to ask her out on a date by shouting at them, “I’m single,” during the middle of their game.

“I’m just a little high maintenance,” she tacked on, which later proved to be a lyric in “Single Soon.”

“But I’ll love you so much,” she promised in the funny video.

To tease the release of “Single Soon,” Gomez re-created another “Sex and the City” moment earlier this week. She posted a video Aug. 22 of her lip-syncing one of Samantha Jones’ memorable lines — and Kim Cattrall herself weighed in.

“It’s over, I told my wife,” a man Samantha had an affair with tells her over the phone, before she bluntly responds with, “Who is this?”

“I approve this message…,” Cattrall posted on X, formerly known as Twitter, responding to the clip.

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