Science Demonstrations Take Center Stage as WonderWorks Branson Celebrates National STEM Day

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BRANSON, Missouri – (November 6, 2023) – As an attraction that focuses on providing fun and interactive STEM/STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) themed exhibits for everyone that walks through the door, WonderWorks is taking their offerings up a notch to celebrate National STEM Day. On November 8, 2023, WonderWorks will celebrate all things STEM by hosting science demonstrations throughout the facility, which will be included with general admission tickets. They will also unveil an updated STEM career exhibit that pulls the vital work that marine biologists do into the spotlight.


“We are proud to partner with many amazing organizations for various exhibits here at WonderWorks, such as the U.S. Army and Merriam-Webster Dictionary, and now we are thrilled to work with NOAA and SeaWorld to teach our guests about the field of marine biology! This new display and our annual STEM Day offerings are sure to inspire some young scientists out there,” says Brenda Dent, general manager at WonderWorks Branson.


WonderWorks Branson is giving science lovers a chance to get up close and personal with various experiments to celebrate National STEM Day. The demonstrations, which will include themes of chemical reactions, optical illusions, insulation, pressure, bubbles, and more, will be held throughout the day. They will allow guests to learn about these topics first-hand and witness them in action. The Blubber Glove experiment is a WonderWorks favorite, demonstrating how marine mammals stay warm in cold water temperatures. Guests can channel their inner marine biologist to examine insulation at this interactive lab.


Partnering with SeaWorld and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), WonderWorks will also unveil a new iteration of their, “I Think, Therefore I STEM” exhibit, focusing on what it takes to be a marine biologist. Marine biologists play a vital role in the world, considering the Earth’s surface is 71% water, and work to help understand and protect the ocean and animals. The exhibit will take a deep dive into this fascinating career field, sharing information about what marine biologists do, how to enter the profession, specialties within the field, and more. There will also be various interactive elements to inspire guests of all ages.


“Empowering young minds to pursue STEM careers such as marine biology is essential for our world’s future. By fostering a love for marine science in the younger generations, we are cultivating the stewards our oceans and marine life need. Every budding marine biologist represents a potential solution to our seas’ challenges, from climate change to conservation. Their curiosity, dedication, and passion hold the key to safeguarding the deep and the incredible creatures that call it home,” explains Dr. Joseph Gaspard, vice president of Zoological Operations at SeaWorld Orlando.


WonderWorks Branson is proud to offer over 100 interactive exhibits that are STEM and STEAM-based. They also offer various  STEAM activities and events throughout the year. They have an annual youth art contest, host teacher appreciation days, engage in science fair and event partnerships, offer educational field trips, and take nominations for annual student achievement awards.


WonderWorks offers team-building activities, field trips, corporate events, group rates, family reunions, and more all year long. There are numerous event packages and group rates available with advanced reservations. WonderWorks Branson offers over 46,000 square feet of family-friendly, engaging activities. The attraction is open 365 days a year. To get more information or purchase tickets, visit the site: https://www.wonderworksonline.com/branson.


About WonderWorks

WonderWorks, the upside-down adventure, is a science-focused indoor amusement park for the mind that holds something unique and exciting for visitors of all ages. There are three floors of nonstop “edu-tainment,” with over 100 hands-on and interactive exhibits that serve the educational purpose of challenging the mind and sparking the imagination. WonderWorks has locations in Orlando, Pigeon Forge, Myrtle Beach, Panama City Beach, Syracuse, and Branson. For more information, visit https://www.wonderworksonline.com/branson and follow @WonderWorksBranson on Facebook, @WonderWorksBR on Twitter, and @WonderWorks_br on Instagram.

About SeaWorld

SeaWorld is a leading marine life theme park and accredited zoo and aquarium that provides experiences that matter while educating and inspiring guests of all ages to care about marine life. Welcoming millions of guests every year, the parks offer fun and enriching experiences from up-close animal encounters and year-round educational programs to award-winning marine-life-themed rides and attractions, special events, and exciting entertainment. For more than 60 years, SeaWorld has advanced the conservation of marine life in and outside its parks through science, education, and exceptional animal care that is Humane Certified by American Humane and accredited by the Alliance of Marine Mammal Parks and Aquariums and the Association of Zoos and Aquariums. SeaWorld is one of the largest marine animal rescue organizations in the world, helping more than 40,000 animals to date. The SeaWorld Conservation Fund, a non-profit foundation established in 2003, has provided more than $20 million to nearly 1,400 organizations to advance critical research on every continent. A portion of park proceeds goes toward supporting these longstanding conservation commitments. SeaWorld parks are in Orlando, San Antonio, San Diego, and Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (UAE). SeaWorld is part of the SeaWorld Entertainment (NYSE: SEAS) portfolio of theme park brands. For more information, visit us at SeaWorld.com.

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