SAE’s Bachelor of Music Will Get You a Job in the Music Industry

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SAE Creative Media Institute’s new Bachelor of Music course is designed to equip students with sufficient knowledge and skills to navigate the ever-changing norms of the contemporary music industry. The music industry is no longer populated by single-discipline specialists. In today’s context, the industry rewards not just those who possess talent and drive, but also people who’re multi-skilled and can adapt to a variety of working environments.

“Being well-rounded makes pivoting easier,” says DJ, producer and broadcaster Anna Lunoe, who’s working in partnership with SAE on the new degree. “Pivoting and being multifaceted makes your income streams in the music industry in Australia a lot more sustainable,” Lunoe says.

SAE: Study Music Your Way

Students enrolled in the Bachelor of Music can select the units that interest them the most, thereby allowing them to build a cohesive skillset. This could mean prioritising songwriting and electronic music production or it could mean delving into event management and learning the ins and outs of the legal frameworks at play in the music industry.

Crucially, unlike music courses that are more academic and philosophical, SAE’s Bachelor of Music is dedicated to producing positive career outcomes for students. Exactly what these career outcomes will look like depends on the individual, but Lunoe believes there are some generalisable attributes that bring about success in the music industry.

“For me, the general principles have centred around delivering what you need to deliver, extreme preparation and being a team player,” she says.

Once you find your way into the industry, there are plenty of opportunities for growth, which is demonstrated by Lunoe’s own career path. She’s worked in the music industry for 15-plus years, during which time she’s performed all over the world and seen her original productions rack up streams in the tens of millions. She’s also one of the faces of Apple Music’s flagship radio station, Apple Music 1.

But for Lunoe, despite such vast experience, the education hasn’t ended. “It’s been the most incredible journey, personally and professionally,” she says. “I think I went into it not expecting much and have been endlessly surprised by what I’ve been able to achieve.”

A lot of people who find work in the music industry are learning on the job. This leads to the introduction of innovative perspectives, but without the right training, it can lead to burnout and discontent. This is why having a solid foundation—such as that which SAE’s Bachelor of Music degree can provide—is vital for navigating the sort of challenges one faces in the early stages of a career.

Lunoe’s career hasn’t been plain sailing, and looking back, she believes she would have benefitted from some firmer foundations. “If you know what’s expected of you in certain situations it changes how you show up,” she says. “I would have loved to have studied somewhere like SAE, and had some of the grey areas made clearer, particularly in those initial years of my career .”

Something Lunoe knows for certain is that working in the music industry is a team game – it’s not about hierarchies and the sheer force of star power. A not-so-hidden benefit of SAE’s Bachelor of Music is the opportunities for networking, both with peers and with experienced practitioners.

“I was really lucky that I found a group of peers who have kept me steady through all the highs and lows,” Lunoe says. “I really believe that if you can zoom out and try to think of this industry as an ecosystem, you can play your part better and ultimately have more success – personally and professionally.”

The future of music is you. Find out more about SAE’s Bachelor of Music course

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