Raasta introduces Caribbean flavours amid reggae music, swing chairs

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Hyderabad: Hyderabad adds Raasta, a captivating Caribbean-themed restaurant, to its blooming culinary hub, which welcomes established brands and an array of theme-based, discerning restaurants and cafés.

Raasta offers a fusion of delectable food, exceptional drinks, and an immersive musical experience. After making waves in cities like Delhi, Mumbai, and Kolkata, Raasta has now opened its doors in Hyderabad.

Beach style in Hyderabad

Raasta is not just a restaurant; it’s a Caribbean escape that seamlessly blends lively music, exquisite cuisine, and a laid-back ambience. The restaurant captures the spirit of reggae music and a natural lifestyle, creating a distinctive and immersive experience for patrons.

The venue itself is a visual delight, surrounded by lush greenery and adorned with natural beauty. The al fresco dining area, featuring comfortable rope and swing chairs nestled among trees, offers a secluded oasis within the premises.

Inside, the lounge area is uniquely designed, with a pillar crafted to resemble a genuine tree surrounded by the bar counter. From a charming daytime café to a lively pub vibe at night, Raasta provides a seamless transition, ensuring a delightful experience at any hour. The vibrant paintings on the walls and a Caribbean map intricately carved on sandstone in the private dining area enhance the overall mood of the place.

Jamaican flavours

“We’ve endeavoured to create a perfect space with Caribbean vibes. We hope the people of Hyderabad enjoy it,” says Pavan Kumar, one of the managing partners, expressing their appreciation for the evolving culinary scene in Hyderabad.

The gastronomic journey at Raasta begins with the tantalising Jamaican Tandoori Prawns, offering impeccable tenderness and a burst of flavours. The Chicken Faffa, bathed in the velvety richness of coconut milk, provides a luscious and special taste.

The Watermelon Salad, an iconic treat, showcases freshly cut watermelon slices arranged meticulously and elevated with sprouts, micro greens, and nuts. Seafood enthusiasts can savour the Cilantro Fish, immersing themselves in Caribbean culinary vibes.

Desi mix to the Caribbean platter

Raasta, while staying true to its Caribbean theme, has thoughtfully incorporated local flavours by introducing Hyderabadi favourites. The Ghee Roast Mutton, luxuriously soaked in ghee, caters perfectly to cravings for authentic desi food.

Complementing the diverse menu are Raasta’s super enticing mocktails. From the Bloody Mary to the Bongtail and Raasta Rumpunch, each sip takes patrons on a fantastic journey of taste sensations.

Raasta in Hyderabad, led by main director Ravela Gnani and managing partners Pavan Kumar and Yeswanth, is set to elevate the city’s culinary experience. With its Caribbean vibes and an array of flavours, Raasta promises not just a meal but a complete sensory experience for the people of Hyderabad.

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