Paws of War Steps in to Help Honorary Four-legged Mascot Move to Tennessee

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Paws of War, an organization helping veterans and first responders, is trying to rescue a soldier’s dog from the Middle East to the U.S.


NESCONSET, New York – (November 2, 2023) – Paws of War is no stranger to helping people in the military. They have often stepped in to help soldiers stationed overseas get their rescued pets moved to the U.S. once the deployment ends. Now, they are on a mission to help get the puppy considered a base mascot moved for 1st Lt. Alyse Schnurr as she returns home to Clarksville, Tenn., after being deployed to the Middle East.


“Stories like this never get old because we know how important the rescued dogs are to these soldiers,” says Robert Misseri, co-founder of Paws of War. “We are always willing to help get their pet relocated, but we have to have the support of community members to help make it happen.”


When 1st Lt. Schnurr first came across the puppy she named Kucik (pronounced koo-chick), she was not surprised at how timid the dog was. It’s an area of the world that can be harsh on dogs, but after a while, she warmed up to the soldier. It was only a short time before the two were bonding, playing, and spending a lot of time together. Other soldiers got in on the action as well, all coming to think of Kucik as a mascot.


One of the challenging things about being deployed for 1st Lt. Schnurr is being away from family and friends. Due to the communication issues they were dealing with, it would, at times, be months before she was able to call home and talk to her family. It was during those times that Kucik helped ease the challenges by being there each time she came in from a hard day at work. Walking in and seeing that sweet four-legged friend who would be at her side in a heartbeat helped make everything a bit easier.


“Seeing Kucik each day has been a stress reliever and something that brings me joy,” says 1st Lt. Schnurr. “She’s like a light in our lives. I can’t imagine having to leave her behind as I head back to Tennessee. I would do anything to take her back home with me.”


Paws of War is working on getting Kucik moved to live with 1st Lt. Schnurr in the U.S., and if all goes well, the reunion will take place right before Thanksgiving. The organization handles all aspects of the move, including getting through the red tape, airfare, veterinary checks, etc. To see a video of 1st Lt. Schnurr and Kucik, visit:

Those who would like to help support the mission can donate online at:


Paws of War has been operating worldwide since 2014, helping the military save the animals they rescue while deployed overseas. They have helped veterans with numerous issues, including suicide prevention, service and support dogs, companion cats and dogs, food insecurity, veterinary care, etc.Paws of War has a large loyal following of supporters and looks forward to working with new corporate sponsors to support these life-saving programs. To donate to support their mission, visit its site at


About Paws of War

Paws of War is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) charitable organization that assists military members and their pets, rescues and trains dogs to be service dogs, and provides companion animals to veterans and first responders. To learn more about Paws of War and the programs provided or donate, visit its site at

Written by: Soft FM Radio Staff

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