OnePlus AI Music Studio makes AI music creation accessible for all

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OnePlus has recently unveiled its AI Music Studio; a platform to compose AI-generated music of varying genres and lyrics. With the AI craze going viral around the globe, this is OnePlus’s chance to capitalize on a sought-after niche. AI Music Studio isn’t the world’s first AI music tool, but it is perhaps the most accessible for people at the moment. OnePlus’s existing reputation as a trusted brand will prompt most people to gravitate towards their offering over competitors.

How AI Music Studio works

OnePlus seems to have put user convenience first and foremost when designing AI Music Studio. The site does require you to have an account to use it, however. Existing OnePlus users can log in with their accounts, and others can sign up for a new account. After this, the first thing the website will prompt for is a genre. There are several options available, and more are slated to be released soon.

Users choose the genre, and then they select a mood and theme. Moods, such as ‘Happy’ or ‘Romantic’, determine how the song will be structured within the chosen genre. Themes dictate the style of the accompanying video and can be chosen from options like ‘Nature’, ‘Cyberpunk’, and ‘Random’.

Following this, AI Music Studio prompts users to provide input for song generation. The prompt can range from a random assortment of words to a descriptive sentence. Based on the prompt, the AI generates lyrics to accompany the music. These lyrics can be generated until they fit what you want. Clicking on ‘Proceed’ generates a song based on the previous choices and outputs a completely unique piece of music.

OnePlus AI Music Studio community

As with lots of OnePlus ventures, the AI Music Studio is designed for the OnePlus community. Immediately after release, OnePlus announced a contest for AI music entries made with their platform. The contest is open to submissions till the 17th of December, and a hundred winners will be chosen from India, Europe, and North America each. Winners will be given coupons to redeem products on OnePlus’s online store. The contest has already garnered some promising entries, with many more to come.

The entire music generation experience is also centered around community. After generating a song, you can download it, publish it to the OnePlus community, and share it on social media platforms. The OnePlus community can then vote on songs, and potentially provide some of the artists with the recognition they deserve. OnePlus states that AI Music Studio is made to let people “delve into their creativity like never before”.

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