New Music From Let 3, Noa Kirel, MELOVIN And More

todayAugust 6, 2023

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Summer is always the quiet period for Eurovision fans as we wait for the new season to commence. Thankfully, the music will always continue and a number of Eurovision artists are still producing new songs for us to enjoy.

Contrary to the commonly perpetuated myth about the song contest killing careers, we’re always thrilled to report that singers associated with Eurovision are thriving.

Here is our latest weekly roundup with a selection of the songs and music videos released recently by Eurovision stars.

New music from Eurovision artists: 2023 | Week 31

Let 3 have become an unforgettable presence in Eurovision following this year’s edition, where they represented Croatia. Recently, they collaborated with the vocal group Harmonija disonance, who also competed in Croatia’s national selection, Dora 2023, and became one of the public’s favorites due to their traditional influences. The new song they’ve released is a captivating blend of the two group’s styles. We have to mention that the track is not entirely new; it’s actually a new version of a previous single by Let 3 originally released in 2000. The visualiser accompanying the song is absolutely hypnotic, with a spiralling background on which some of the lyrics are presented. Additionally, the visualiser has some scenes that create a vintage movie atmosphere and showcases live performances of both groups.

The song narrates the story of a professor named Jakov (“Please to meet you, I am Jakob”) who faces an amusing dilemma. His phone keeps ringing due to his female students, who are in love with him and his perfume, as the lyrics say: “You have a great perfume/ Io sono je t’aime (I love you).” They keep insisting on taking their professor out for coffee.

Ronela Hajati & Fifi – “HAJDE SHPIRTI”

Two Albanian queens have joined forces for an explosive collaboration that will set the radios on fire. Ronela performed at Eurovision in 2022, while Fifi was a contestant in Festivali i Këngës 61. Their latest song, titled “Come On, Spirit!” in English, is the perfect Albanian banger for this summer. The music video offers a tremendous amount of feminine energy, showcasing the two artists as the confident and powerful women they truly are. The girls firmly reject indecisive men; they want it all or nothing and fearlessly express their desires: “I wanted the crown and I had it/ I deserve the best (…) Oh, how tired I am of you making it difficult/ What about me, do you want us?.” When they don’t get what they deserve, they make sure to sound the alarms and set boundaries: “Come on, soul, let’s set the alarms (…) I’m gone, papi, I’m gone/ You’re a psychopath, and you’re not normal.”

Czechia chose Ben to represent them in 2020, though he didn’t make it onto the Eurovision stage until 2021. His new song showcases a different side of Ben compared to his previous songs. While his songs from the last period were primarily rap-oriented, this track incorporates retro influences, landing somewhere between the hip hop and pop genres. The English translation of the title is “Like Before.”

In the music video, Ben is seen in an amusement park, spending a fun-filled night with his loved one and friends, celebrating youth, freedom, and joy. The heart of the song’s lyrics reflects Ben’s longing for everything to return to how it used to be, “I just want it to be like before,” as he speaks about a girl he likes and desires to be more than just friends with her. On social media, Ben discusses his shift in style, letting fans know that his new track isn’t part of a future album. Instead, it’s his desire to explore different musical genres and experiment new things:

“This song will not be part of the upcoming album, it’s an alternative genre that I wanted to try.”

Noa Kirel – “DEJA VU”

The beautiful Noa Kirel is back with a new hit. Her latest song is absolutely addictive, blending pop with distinct Israeli influences that add authenticity to the track. It’s a catchy pop banger that is bound to dominate the radio charts. The accompanying music video features Noa, looking flawless and full of confidence, while also showcasing her impressive dance moves. The song revolves around a man who broke her heart by cheating on her. The lyrics express her feelings of betrayal: “How were you with her on this bed that I bought?/ What a joke again, sorry, that’s it, I’m exhausted.” However, the song also serves as her perfect revenge, as she shows him what he has lost and how she moved on: “Why does this feel like déjà vu?/ You are alone, I am with another one/ Jealous, jealous, jealous/ I’m picking him up/ Jealous, jealous, jealous/ And again, you remember.”

Can Bonomo – “Ağla Şimdi Sonsuza Kadar”

Can Bonomo represented Turkey in the Eurovision Song Contest 2012. The English translation of the title is “Cry Now Until Forever,” and the song is a mesmerising ballad that takes listeners on a captivating journey of emotions. The song also incorporates retro influences. The lyrics of the song touch on themes of loneliness and heartbreak: “Maybe being silent means understanding everything/ To see means to see even if everything is invisible/ So there is nothing in this world that you don’t know/ Other than to love me (…) The show ends before it begins bye bye.” The song is accompanied by a lyric video that resembles a breakup letter.

Shiri Maimon – “רגל על רגל”

Shiri Maimon represented Israel at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2005. Her new pop song, titled “Cross-legged,” is the perfect recipe for a catchy pop hit. It combines an addictive rhythm, amazing high notes, a catchy chorus, and even a drop, making it a complete package. Accompanying the track is a lyric music video.  The lyrics of the song convey a powerful message about overcoming challenges and fighting for your personal goals. Shiri shares her personal journey, highlighting that she was not born into privilege but faced obstacles on her path to success: “I was not born with a golden spoon in my mouth/ I haven’t heard Mozart, certainly not Chopin (…) I wasn’t born inside a villa with a pool/ Father is not to blame but neither is the surname (…) And all the way holding on/ I did not stop for a minute, even in strong wind/ I want to eat the cake/ So I ate disappointment with sweet whipped cream.” Shiri spoke open on her social media about the message behind the song:

“I was born in Haifa and grew up in Kiryat Haim, far from the glitz and glamour of the limelight. However, I never ceased to dream big. Despite the obstacles that came my way, I remained steadfast on my journey to fulfilment. The song narrates a tale of a path at eye level, which resonates with me because I’ve never been one to sit cross-legged and wait for things to happen. Instead, I’ve always set my sights on the goal and worked hard to achieve it.”

MÉLOVIN – “Don’t Need Your Love”

MÉLOVIN delivered a dark and unforgettable performance in 2018 while representing Ukraine in Eurovision. His latest song showcases his flawless vocals in a captivating pop track that will undoubtedly rock your playlist. The song stays true to MÉLOVIN’s unique style and keeps the dark vibes that we adore in his music. The music video is an impressive one, as he slays in a jacket with thorns, symbolising his desire for space and independence. Both the song and its lyrics are powerful, touching on the theme of moving on and leaving certain people in the past: “Well, we had such fun/ But it’s time to go our separate ways/ You know I’m glad it’s done/ I moved on and found a sweeter place.” It emphasises the positive impact of moving on, even if it takes time. This new song marks a turning point in MÉLOVIN’s musical journey, representing a new era of freedom and self-expression for the artist. 

Luciana Abreu – “Louca amizade”

Luciana participated in the Eurovision Song Contest back in 2005 as part of the duet 2B, alongside Rui Drumond, proudly representing Portugal. Her latest song arrives to embrace your heart like a warm hug. The English title of the song is “Crazy Friendship.” It’s a beautiful Portuguese ballad that is sure to touch your soul. The music video portrays a reconnection with oneself, where Luciana is seen enjoying some solitary time in a lovely sunlit scenery. Luciana shared her thoughts on the new song, expressing her emotions and intentions behind the creation of this track:

“In moments when we find ourselves running, yet unable to escape from our own selves, what do we do? It is during these times that a true friendship acts as an anchor, guiding us and allowing us to experience love in its diverse forms and shades. It is within this context that my latest song, ‘Louca amizade’, is born and flourishes.”

Lauris Reiniks, Rūta Reinika-Preisa & Sofija Timma – Ričijs Rū rīko koncertu 2

Lauris represented Latvia in 2003 as part of the group F.L.Y. His latest project features a collaboration with Rūta Reinika-Preisa and Sofija Timma in creating the second part of the album Ričijs Rū in concert. This delightful album consists of 26 children’s songs, making it the perfect soundtrack for the beloved bear character Ričijs Rū. It’s a heart-warming collection for young ones, finding happiness in the simple pleasures. You can find some of the videos from this album on Lauris’ YouTube channel.

Jamie-Lee, Bodybangers & Nerds At Raves – “Barbie Girl”

The lovely Jamie-Lee represented Germany in the Eurovision Song Contest back in 2016. With the Barbie movie enjoying immense worldwide popularity at the moment, creating a pink wave across the globe, Jamie-Lee seized the opportunity to release a new version of Aqua’s famous song, “Barbie Girl,” originally released in 1997. Her new song is a collaboration with Bodybangers and Nerds At Raves, featuring an exciting electronic sound that adds a new level of energy to the original version. This rendition will undoubtedly get you dancing and grooving along. So, come on, Barbies, let’s go party!

Darude & Gid Sedgwick – “Nobody Listens”

When discussing electronic music, we must mention Darude’s latest collaboration with the British singer Gid Sedgwick. Darude represented Finland in 2019 together with Sebastian Rejman. Now Darude’s back and his new song is an ideal summer club anthem that will get you grooving and dancing with its late-night festival vibes. Titled “Nobody Listens,” the song demands your full attention as it features uplifting builds, powerful keys, and radiant melodies. The lyrics go into themes of loneliness and the absence of empathy that people often exhibit: “Is there someone/ Left out and done/ I’d ask myself but/ Nobody listens.”

Victor Crone – “All Time Love”

Victor Crone represented Estonia in the Eurovision Song Contest back in 2019. With Swedish roots, he is a well-known figure in the pop music scene. His latest track is an addictive summer pop song titled “All Time Love,” and it’s a must-add to your playlist. The song is a perfect love anthem with captivating lyrics that express the desire for a lifetime of love: “Baby, you got me, you got me crazy/ Sugar, give me all-time love.” It succeeds to showcase Victor’s talent for pop songs. 

Michael Rice – “Boy I Used to Know”

A deep and soulful song featuring powerful vocals comes from the United Kingdom. Michael Rice proudly represented his country back in 2019. His latest ballad feels like a heartfelt letter to his own self, expressing the longing for the past and a sense of feeling lost in the fast-paced present. The song beautifully explores his journey of rediscovering himself and finding a place that he can truly call “home”: “I lost the only part of me that I loved/ I had to lose myself to find the real me.” In a touching message about his song, Michael opens up about the importance of being true to oneself and shares his struggles with mental health:

“I wrote this song during lockdown, in my little bedroom up north, during a difficult stage in my life. A place where I felt like everything in that particular moment, was crashing down around me. My mental health was not so good. I sat down grabbed a pen, my song book (Old school) and I began to write the first lines ‘I miss me, the old me. There was a time when I was happier than ever’. The lyrics just pored out of me and before I knew it the song was born. I really do hope this song reaches your hearts and connects with your souls. If your ever feeling lost, lonely, alone I want you to play this song. Blast it through your headphones, pump it through your speakers, sing it loud in the car and let this be your anthem. Everything you hear on this record, is exactly what I was feeling at that particular time. This is me. We all feel a little lost sometimes, but it’s how we get back up and carry on the fight. I love you all and I can’t wait to show you this new era of me. Michael. THE ARTIST.”

Sieneke – “De Nacht Is Nog Zo Lang”

Sieneke represented the Netherlands in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2010. Her new song, titled “The Night is Still So Long,” will have you partying in true Dutch style. The music video itself shows a joyous pub celebration, adding to the festive atmosphere of the track. The song is a perfect blend of a lively melody and heart-warming lyrics, instantly transporting you to the cozy ambiance of a traditional Dutch pub. With this new single, Sieneke showcases her unwavering passion for Dutch music and pays a subtle tribute to Beppie Kraft, the iconic Dutch singer who originally released the song back in 1990. The lyrics revolve around the theme of being deeply in love: “The night is still so long, come into my arms/ So I can pamper and warm you/ When I see you, I feel like I’m in heaven/ Tonight, I want to be happy with you.”


Sometimes songs slip through the cracks, but we’re going to rectify that wrong. Here’s a couple of bonus songs from the past few weeks that we missed:

Mia Nicolai – “Loop”

We must speak about Mia Nicolai’s song “Loop.” She represented the Netherlands in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest alongside Dion Cooper. Recently, she has been focused on her solo career. “Loop” is a powerful pop song complemented by an aesthetically pleasing music video set in a playground, symbolising the loops and games of love. In the song, Mia is determined to break free from a toxic relationship and move forward, refusing to settle for anything less than what she deserves.

The lyrics express her frustration with the empty promises and lies from her partner: “You tell me lies and you think/ Opening up is so weak/ But how can I love an empty shadow?/ Words of nothing, no crescendo (…) So get me out, out of this loop/ I don’t feel like I get what I should/ I hate to see me again in the same old place/ Don’t wanna fall again and fade away”. “Loop” showcases Mia’s strong and emotive vocals and comes with a message of empowerment and self-worth. About her song, Mia stated: 

“I truly hope this song will give you the extra strength this summer to get out of loops that hold you back from living freely doing exactly what makes you happy without caring about what others may think of it! This life is way too short for that.”

Eye Cue – “Do tebe”

Wrapping up this week’s new music post, we have a song from Eye Cue, the exceptional duo from North Macedonia who previously represented their country in Eurovision back in 2018. Their latest offering is a beautiful ballad titled “To You” in English. The music video for this new song was filmed in London. It features warm vocals and is filled with raw emotions, reminding listeners of the captivating beauty of the Macedonian language.

Which of these new songs is your favourite? Have we missed out on any? Do you have any artists you want to shout out to? Let us know in the comments.

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