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For most three-year-olds, their latest hobbies and sometimes strange fascinations are long gone by the time they reach high school. Whether it’s a kiddie sports league, an obsession with a cartoon, or a favorite food, it typically now resides in the back of their mind. However, this is certainly not the case with Matthew (Matt) Williams (‘26), a fan of music from the moment 90’s rock graced his ears.

”Music is everything for me,” said Williams. ”Listening to new songs, learning new things to play, it’s amazing.”
From an early age, Williams would soak in the variety of songs his parents listened to, opening his mind to an endless stream of music. As time went on he started focusing specifically on the drums, quickly learning the beat and feeling a sense of urgency to replicate it. Within a matter of years, pencils on couch cushions turned into drumsticks on a drum set, Neil Peart, Travis Barker, Danny Carey, and John Bonham went from famous stars to inspiration, and drums, which started as a simple hobby, transformed into a piece of Williams’s identity. Regardless of his young age, he knew that this was the start of something unforgettable.

“It was just my calling. I knew that that’s what I wanted to do with my life,” he revealed.
Williams’s parents, who constantly support and encourage his goals, signed him up at the School of Rock. There he was introduced to a room full of people who had the same vast appreciation for music as he did. As songs were practiced and goals were discussed, Williams’s fellow classmates at the School of Rock quickly became his friends, and eventually his bandmates.
Nearly three years ago, Williams and three other friends met for the first time as a band, calling themselves Drastic Measures. Since then they’ve created all original, fast-punk albums, practicing and performing as much as they can. On top of Drastic Measures, Williams is also the drummer for Wasted Potential — another band which primarily performs covers of songs, though they are currently in the process of developing their own music.

Both bands typically meet once a week, to talk about upcoming gigs or to work on different songs. Whether it’s practicing a new song or a cover, the bands make sure to get the most out of their time spent together. Although finding gigs can seem like a lengthy process, Williams explains that sometimes the process is often fairly easy. For the most part, the band searches for places that host festivals or live music performances, emails the locations, and waits for a response. Williams gets the chance to perform at least once a month, displaying his passion and talent to a crowd full of people.

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At the start of September, Wasted Potential performed at Medford’s annual Oktoberfest — a two-day festival with tons of food, live music, and a big crowd. Over the summer, they also performed to a large crowd at Wenonah Lake Park. Williams admits that though the beginning was nerve-racking, the more he performs the more he finds it exhilarating.

“Playing [music] live with the people you’ve created such a close bond with is just the best feeling that you can’t find anywhere else,” said Williams. “I’m always ready for a show. Any day of the week, anytime you can just call me and I’ll play.”
Over the past 13 years, Williams has found joy and passion within music, making him the person he is today. Through performing he’s been able to build friendships and delve into his everlasting craft. As he grows older, WIlliams hopes to continue to connect and inspire through music, keeping it around long after college.

So take Williams’s music journey as inspiration. If you work hard and never give up your dreams will come true.
“That’s what music is to me, just one big inspiration,” said Williams.

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