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Music charity Support Act’s longest-running fundraising event, Music In The House, will return to Sydney on Thursday 31 August at The Grounds of Alexandria.

The must-attend fixture on the industry calendar will welcome leaders from across the sector in celebration of Aussie icon, Marcia Hines AM, who will be honoured with this year’s prestigious Excellence in the Community Award for her contribution to music and the community.

“This is truly an unexpected honour,” Hines said in a press release. “Thank you to all those people who considered me for this award. I am totally humbled by it.”

The excitement was bolstered by Support Act CEO Clive Miller, who said in a statement of his own: “We’re thrilled to be honouring the incredible career of Marcia Hines AM this year, which spans five decades, 22 albums, 2.6 million sales, and countless chart-topping singles and multi-platinum records globally.

“Marcia is an inspiration to women and artists everywhere, having mentored numerous young artists as our favourite judge on Australian Idol, and has been a tireless advocate for people with diabetes, as well as a loyal ally of the LGBTQIA+ community. She is a truly deserving recipient and we’re looking forward to a wonderful night celebrating her and her music.”

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Hosted by Courtney Act, the night will feature acoustic performances of Marcia’s classics by Tania Doko, Damien Leith, Brendan Maclean and Natalie Gauci.

The performers share their insights on the song they’ve chosen to cover and what Marcia means to them.

Brendan Maclean – I Don’t Know How To Love Him

Why did you choose the Marcia song you did?

I had the pleasure of seeing Marcia’s recent gospel show in Adelaide. Immediately after I texted her manager Peter Rix to ask what this song was, “Something about having many men before… and he’s just one more?” I was dutifully informed it was from Jesus Christ Superstar and Marcia had played Mary Magdalene 1972. I listened to every version I could find but nothing even came close to Hines’ delivery.

What does Marcia and her music mean to you?

Marcia’s kindness is why I have a career. I was cast in the original outing of Velvet in 2015 and it was her who kept pointing the press and cameras towards me – she would literally pull me out from behind her and make the interviewers ask me a question. 300 performances later, we became lifelong friends and I got the greatest education in live performance anyone has ever been given. I’ve never seen anyone hypnotise an audience the way Marcia Hines does. That’s the power of her integrity.

What impact has she had on the industry?

You can’t overstate how important Hines being a young, proud black woman on stage in the ‘70s is to the whole Australian industry and our musical lineage. We’re far from perfect now in regards diversity in casting and what is promoted by music labels – so I can not even begin to imagine the self-determination and grit it required to face the almost entirely white faces of Australian theatre 50 years ago. She’s a pioneer in so many ways.

Tania Doko – You

Why did you choose the Marcia song you did?

I chose the song because it was so difficult to go past it. You is about as old as I am and I’ve grown up with it. It was one of the first songs that I felt connected to and I remember singing it standing on a coffee table as a four year old! It speaks to all of us, whether you’re four, 44 or 84. Marcia has this way to pierce your heart and soul. She’s always been there and she represents something that isn’t a typical Aussie, like me, so I identify with that.

What does Marcia and her music mean to you?

I first met Marcia back in 2000 on the final episode of Hey Hey It’s Saturday. I then ended up doing some private shows with her and Wendy Matthews and we became really great friends. Marcia personified the kind of role that we take for granted today – the strong female role model in the music industry. She was like a big sister who took me under her wing. She was extremely self-assured and lifted others up, and was a pioneer for women in music way before that was a thing.

What impact has she had on the industry?

Marcia stood for herself and women in music, and does so to this day. From a musical point of view, she brought soul and disco to Australia in the ‘70s, so she was my earliest memory of that genre. There’s a grace and strength about her which has been so important for women in the industry to see. She’s crossed over from theatre to music to TV, and she’s shown us that you can have a diverse career and keep it interesting. She’s always been such a strong mentor to women and represents a lot of different people, which was unique and important for the time.

In 2023, to be still working as Marcia is, the message is clear – age is but a number. In fact, perhaps it’s even more vital now as Marcia represents “women of a certain age” still out there with joy to give and experience and wisdom to share.

Natalie Gauci – I Just Don’t Know What To Do

Why did you choose the Marcia song you did? 

I chose I Just Don’t Know What To Do because I love the song and I can relate to it. I am performing solo, singing and playing piano, and feel I can create something special for Marcia with this particular song. It’s soulful and a powerful ballad at the same time. I love how Marcia gives every emotion and passion to this song and I feel I can contribute to the song in such a way that brings emotion and passion with the lyrics and soulfulness.  

What does Marcia and her music mean to you? 

I first met Marcia during Australian Idol. She was the only female judge on the show. I was very inspired by her words, her truth and how she stood her ground. Marcia is a very strong, authentic woman and artist. Her integrity and confidence as an artist and woman in the music industry has inspired me over the years and her music has transcended decades. When I hear Marcia’s music, it lifts my spirit and gives me energy to continue my own path with my music.  

What impact has she had on the industry? 

To me, Marcia is one the biggest stars Australia has ever had in the music industry. She has had many hits and been a huge influence on the charts, especially in the ‘70s. The personal impact Marcia has had on me as an artist has been to make me feel I can trust my own instincts and to work hard, stay humble. Marcia leads by example through her music and her powerful voice. Her light continues to shine and I’m very honoured to be a part of her journey in the music industry.

Damien Leith – Many Rivers To Cross

Why did you choose the Marcia song you did? 

I love this song and there have been many versions out there, but my favourite is Marcia’s version. Her interpretation and soulful voice is pure magic. 

What does Marcia and her music mean to you?

Marcia and I have a long history together. I had always admired her, and then in 2006 I went on Australian Idol and Marcia was a judge. She was a beautiful judge, always kind, considerate and gave constructive feedback. Marcia would always inspire us and her support was incredible. Since winning Australian Idol, I have worked with Marcia on many great events. She never changes, she’s just a wonderful person who treats everyone the same.  

What impact has she had on the industry?

Marcia is an icon. She has always been an inspiration and is loved by everyone in the industry, she’s stood the test of time in such a fickle industry.

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Written by: Soft FM Radio Staff

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