Luminary Vision Record unveils trailblazing era in music and entertainment

todayNovember 12, 2023 3

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The offerings include cutting-edge music distribution and a myriad of innovative services.

Meet Luminary Vision Record’s Star-Studded Artists:

BINNY BOY: Rising sensation BINNY BOY, celebrated for his distinctive style, has captured the hearts of fans in Nigeria and the UK with chart-toppers like “Tinga” and “Ma Ladies.” The release of his highly anticipated single is on the horizon.

Luminary Vision Record stakeholders, including Mr. Adekoya P. Best and Binny Boy’s manager, Dami Lawson, express their excitement in selecting the next release from Binny Boy’s impressive catalog. Binny Boy is devoted to delivering back-to-back hits for his dedicated fan base.

Outis: A gifted musician offering a fresh and captivating experience, Outis proudly stands as a crucial member of Luminary Vision Record (LVR).

The lineup also features DJ 2phat, a turntable virtuoso with expert mixing skills, Koyen, a versatile artist crafting emotionally stirring soundscapes, and Arche, the creative genius behind Luminary Vision Record’s unique sound. Arche is highlighted as someone the world should closely watch.

Samuel Mackson (aka Sammy): A 24-year-old Jukun from Taraba, Sammy is a certified chartered accountant (ANAN) and a devoted music enthusiast. His journey, from makeshift drums to mastering drumming and keyboard skills at a local church, showcases his diverse musical abilities.

As the high school chapel drummer at AUN Academy and a graduate studying accounting at Bingham University, Sammy delved into beat production, seamlessly merging his passion for finance and music.

Luminary Vision Record transcends the traditional record label—it’s a comprehensive entertainment company offering artist management, record label services for BINNY BOY, and support for other musicians, DJs, and producers.

Luminary Vision Record is a trailblazer in the music and entertainment industry, showcasing exceptional artists and pioneering music services.

As a comprehensive entertainment company, Luminary Vision Record is dedicated to innovating the global music and entertainment landscape. Join us on this exhilarating journey and witness the future of the industry.


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Written by: Soft FM Radio Staff

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