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Welcome to the Australian Art Music playlist! A monthly playlist of classical, jazz, experimental and electronic music focused on contemporary Australian composers, musicians and sound artists.

2023 has had a wealth of new music, and it’s been a pleasure to pull together some of the most recent releases for this month’s playlist. In a time when the future is looking scarier and scarier for independent artists to earn from streaming (including Spotify’s proposed required 1000 streams before payment), it’s so important to support our musicians who are creating and commenting on contemporary art and culture. Find some music to have on repeat, discover a new fave, buy merch, see a gig.

Keep music alive, this Australian Music Month.


  1. Wonder from Starwalker by Sally Whitwell | performed by Sally Whitwell & Matt Withers
  2. Valley by Harry Cook | performed by Claire Cross & Harry Cook
  3. Closer by Belle Chen
  4. The Memories of Poplar Trees by Sally Greenaway | performed by Sally Walker & Helentherese Good
  5. Rainforest Bath at Witches Falls from Borderlands Biophony by Miriama Young | performed by Syzygy Ensemble
  6. Night Flight by Andrew Schultz | performed by Dima Tkachenko & Bernard Lanskey
  7. Connect from Contact-Connect-Tracer by Frank Millward | performed by Alex Raineri & Graeme Jennings
  8. I am a little church no great cathedral by Andrea Keller
  9. Unseen from Seen/Unseen by Meredith Connie | performed by Sally Whitwell & Matt Withers
  10. Written in the Dark Part IV by Matthew Sheens
  11. Solstice by Cassie To | performed by No-kë
  12. Foreign Bodies by Helen Svoboda
  13. Rhythm of Life by Natalie Dietz
  14. Headhunter by Phillip Houghton | performed by Nick Cutroneo
  15. Acoustik by Lucas Arundell


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This playlist is updated monthly. Explore previous months’ playlists on our website and listen to the archive playlist on Spotify.

Contact Cameron Lam on FacebookTwitter or email to recommend tracks for the Australian Art Music playlist.

Don’t forget that while streaming is a great way to discover new music, attending gigs or purchasing albums and merchandise is an even better way to support the artists you love. We’ve set up a Merch Table to get you started, but don’t forget to check out the artists’ websites for more details and other ways to support them.

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