Inter-European Division Pathfinder Camporee Presents Jesus, The Musical

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[Saray prepares to speak to EUD News] Time was short; there were frequent rehearsals; the cast members demanded attention; and the youngsters showed affection and asked for autographs for their little booklet with the profile of those in charge. Over the past few days, this 83-member cast had been slowly showing off the inspiring musical they would present on Sabbath, August 5, 2023, the last day of the Inter-European Division (EUD) Pathfinder Camporee.

“Am I going to remember everything I have to say?” asked Saray Vega, 42, director of Jesus, The Musical, standing with her communications director, Alexandre Antón. One can tell she’s a perfectionist—attentive to detail—an indispensable trait when one brings music, lights, wardrobe, and people together on stage in an artistic, harmonious way.

Photos: © Ângelo Bártolo, Mariana Bártolo, Simão de Abreu

The idea of making a musical about the life of Jesus began when Saray first listened to the CD “Jesus” from the group Canta y Rie in 2015. She imagined these great songs coming to life through a musical. In 2013, the community of the Spanish-speaking Adventist Church in Geneva {Switzerland?} had performed the musical The Prince of Egypt, about the life of Moses. She knew that, with the talented people they have in their church, they could create something great with these songs “and share the life of Jesus, with a goal to bring His message to people in a contemporary way.”

Photos: © Ângelo Bártolo, Mariana Bártolo, Simão de Abreu

Photos: © Ângelo Bártolo, Mariana Bártolo, Simão de Abreu

With the support of her husband, Antonio Gonzalez (technical director), Saray, a nurse by profession, embarked on a work of creation, organization, and leadership, uniting around her the will of friends, neighbors, and church members from the Geneva region. These included Renée Reynolds (vocal and music director), Eloi Comabella (audiovisual production and graphic design), Luis Anton (choreography and staging), Noemi Aloy (logistics, costumes and props), and Ana Anton (choreography and staging)—the field assistants who led a talented team on a mission.

The meeting point became the Adventist University of France (Campus Adventiste du Salève), where rehearsals, preparation of materials, and logistics took place. “We are very grateful to the campus. It has become the home from which we go out to share Jesus,” said Saray. The group had members from 23 countries—from Argentina to Polynesia; from Germany to Zambia—of different ages, interests, and professions. They were united by the common purpose of bringing viewers to know Jesus and His story better.

And they have been fulfilling that purpose. After translating the lyrics into French and creating the choreography, they have performed several times in the Geneva region, with more than 2,000 people hearing them sing and seeing them act out the life of Jesus in 2016 and 2017.

As stated earlier, Saray is attentive to every detail—”because Jesus deserves it,” she explained. Later, hours after the interview, they ran into each other casually on the Friedensau (Germany) Adventist University campus.

“Please don’t forget something very important,” Saray pleaded. “Write down that it was the invitation of the EUD Youth Department that made it possible to translate and adapt the musical into English.”

Saray reaffirmed what she said in the interview: that it was a huge privilege for the group to be invited to the Camporee to perform for so many young people who want to praise Jesus.

“We are blessed and very grateful!” Saray concluded. Yes, Saray, we’ll write. All of us, especially the Pathfinders, are very grateful too.

Watch the Sabbath evening event, Jesus, The Musical, here:

The original version of this story was posted on the Inter-European Division website. 


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