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By Tosin Ajirire

After a short interregnum, Afrobeats star, Kingsley Amoni popularly known as Rayce, is back on the block.

Rayce, whose song, Wetin Dey featuring Davido is still heating up the scene, has returned with another banger, Ara (Wonder).

In this rare interview, the singer, songwriter cum music producer opened up on his career, challenges, women, and the inspiration behind Ara, his new work. He also talked about his sexual harassment experience in the United Kingdom. Please enjoy it.

Tell us briefly about yourself.

My name is Kingsley Amoni popularly known as Rayce. I was born in Lagos but I am from Edo State. I’m a singer, songwriter and music producer.

How exactly did you come into music and how would you describe your kind of music?

Music has always been a part of me, but the art started after my secondary school. I enjoyed playing drums and had friends in church that we all took turns learning how to play it together. We were just having fun at that time; I didn’t know I was going to do music professionally. But I loved music and I got my mother’s strong support for it. Sadly, I lost my dad at the age of 10.

In 2003, I was introduced to digital music recording and that was the bomb for me at that time. I was curious and loved everything about the studio – Gary Studios. There, I started off as a music producer. I always enjoy creating new sounds and love to take my time on a record, depending on my spiritual flow. I always try to get better than my previous work. That’s why I consider my music as unique.

In terms of inspiration, how does music come to you?

I get inspiration from my current mood and spiritual flow. Music is spiritual, so I sing about what I feel within me and what I think my fans would love. Microphone is my only missile. Sometimes, the melody of a song drives the lyrics and most times, I write and add melodies to the lyrics. I just go with the flow.

How many songs have you released till date, and which of them is your favourite and why?

I have a lot of songs out there such as Roll, Wetin Dey ft. Davido, Jack Sparrow, Just Like That, Tetela, Shiki Shiki ft. D’banj, Omoge Marina, etc. I could go on and on, and I love them equally. However, Jack Sparrow is special to my heart and I really can’t say why. Maybe it’s because it gave me lots of female fans.

You just dropped a single, Ara under Black Wall Street. What inspired the track and which other songs are you dropping after it?

I wrote the song, Ara after I got the instrumentals from Black Wall Street and I liked it. And like I always do, I let the melody and drum lines lead me. Through Ara, I am telling the fans how I feel from within me, and what God has done for me. I am also telling them how I intend to enjoy every bit of it with the daughters of eve. Talking about my next record, I am ready already. The fact is I have been ready two years before now. I have recorded several songs and I am still recording songs non-stop. 

Tell us about your relationship with Big Suni, the CEO of Black Wall Street.

I have known Big Suni for a couple of years now, I mean since 2017. We met through my former manger and we were meant to work together in 2017, but I was on another deal then. However, we’ve been cool together since then. As a matter of fact, Big Suni has been like an elder bother to me, and a very good friend too. He’s always advising me anytime I visit him. I like the fact that he’s straight with work, time conscious and strict with business. I decided that my coming back would need a stronger hand and hard working guy like him. Today’s Afrobeats music isn’t for the weak. So, Black Wall Street is the kind of company I would love to work with.

How did you come about your stage name, Rayce?

People call me Rayce. Rayce was coined out of my native name, Irase, which means ‘I am a winner’. My grandma gave the name to me.

It’s normal for an artiste to experience stage fright first time performing before a large crowd. Tell us about your experience.

Yes, stage fright is a normal thing for artistes. But I didn’t perform on stage until after I had released my song, Roll, which was a hit. I always make sure the deejay plays my song before I come on stage. Once that is done, the crowd would go crazy. With that, I don get my balance be that. And I make sure I leave the stage when the ovation is high. But yes, I do get stage fright atimes.

Six years ago, you featured Davido in your song, Wetin Dey. What’s your experience working with such an A-list artiste?

Wetin Dey remains one of my biggest songs ever. Honestly, it was an amazing experience working with such a wonderful artiste like Davido. We met first at Skales’ video shoot back in 2011. But we didn’t have a record together until 2016, and when we made one, it was a monster hit! However, having Davido on Wetin Dey was a double blessing for me; he showed me all the love that I needed. Hopefully, we are going to create another monster hit in the nearest future. I am looking forward to that!

What’s your kind of woman, and how do you handle women who usually flock around popular artistes like you?

I love women; I won’t deny it. But I try to be careful too. I have had my experience with one or two or more women. But at this point in my life, I would want to focus on my work – after a long break.

Have you been sexually harassed either on stage or off stage? Tell us your experience with girls.

Yes, I have been sexually harassed. It happened on stage while performing at Kent in the UK. I was spanked on my butt, and that was embarrassing. At another time, a beautiful lady stuck her hand in my Jeans trouser, grabbing my John Thomas. That lady almost got me, I swear! That night, I felt like a male stripper; but then it’s our work, soft work.

Wow, that was close. But what exactly turns you on in a woman?

I am a BBW (Big Bottom Woman) guy. I love my woman thick and curvy. Full option, but with brains! She also has to be a clean person because one of the first places I look at is the face, then the legs and body fragrance. I love beautiful toenails too.

What are your most memorable and unpleasant moments as a musician?

Hmm… Unpleasant moments! I was paid to perform in a club in Akure and the same organisers of the show mobbed me! The whole thing happened like a joke but it was real. I was held in a room from 7pm to 11am. The guys turned to another thing. Outside the room I was kept were big dogs waiting to devour anybody. So, I decided to call the police, who immediately stormed the building and rescued me.

What are the challenges being faced by Nigerian artistes and how can government help develop and grow the music industry?

The only challenge most Nigerian artistes are facing is funding. Music business is expensive; you need a lot of money to run a proper campaign, artist branding and all. So, talent alone is not enough. Government can start giving musicians accessible grants to support to the willing and serious ones.  This will be a huge relief on the talented young guys out there, and also help them achieve their dreams, while diverting their minds from crimes.

How would you describe the journey so far, and what are your plans in terms of promotions and tours?

I thank God and my fans for the journey so far. It has not been easy but I have always won, and I am still winning. Have I been underrated? Yes! I deserve more than the accolades I get from the music industry, and I am ready to prove it. I just dropped Ara with Black Wall Street records label and the song has been gaining a very high momentum. Also, the love from my fans has been overwhelming. We hope to do a remix and music video too. Like I said earlier, I have many smash hits waiting to be unleashed. On tour dates, the team is working on that. But most definitely, ‘DeycallmeRayce Tour’ is coming very soon. We will communicate the dates with our fans worldwide. And for exclusive updates, my fans can reach me @rayceofficial.

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Written by: Soft FM Radio Staff

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