How Many Dune Movies Will There Be? Every Possible Sequel & Spinoff

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Denis Villeneuve’s Dune: Half Two is because of launch in 2023, and there’s already the tease that there could also be extra Dune sequels and spinoffs to come back afterward. Adapting Frank Herbert’s authentic novel, Villeneuve introduced Dune to life with breathtaking cinematography, giving tantalizing hints on the vastness of the Dune universe and the inevitable way forward for Home Atreides. With a lot story to discover, there are many instructions through which future Dune films may very well be taken.

The Dune saga is epic within the truest sense of the phrase. After Frank Herbert’s authentic Dune novel in 1965, there are at present 26 novels within the Dune sequence, with a twenty seventh, Dune: The Inheritor of Caladan, attributable to be launched in 2022. Moreover, there are 11 brief tales, 7 comedian ebook tales, and eight associated books like The Dune Encyclopedia and Songs of Muad’dib. Following Frank Herbert’s authentic six novels, his imaginative and prescient has been continued by his son Brian Herbert and science fiction writer Kevin J. Anderson, identified for his work writing spin-off novels for Star Wars and Starcraft, amongst others properties. With such a wealth of supply materials to select from, there is a wealthy galaxy of storytelling that may very well be tailored for future films.


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The characters of Dune stay in such an enormous world that it’s lengthy been considered as an enormous problem to adapt. Villeneuve acquired round this by solely utilizing half of Frank Herbert’s prolonged novel for his 2021 Dune adaption, making the subsequent movie within the sequence not a sequel however a direct continuation of the identical story, in an identical method to Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Invoice or Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity Conflict. Screenwriter Jon Spaihts has hinted that Dune: Half Two will set the foundations for a 3rd Dune film and presumably much more to come back afterward. As a result of the Dune universe is so large in scope at this level, it’s probably the one limitation for extra big-screen installments would be the monetary success of the budding movie franchise itself.

Dune Messiah

The primary of many Dune sequels, Dune Messiah is about twelve years after the unique story, and follows Paul “Muad’dib” Atreides after he rises to turn out to be the emperor. Regardless of being probably the most highly effective emperor ever identified, nevertheless, Paul is unable to cease the chaos which resulted from the jihad he began, which has killed over 60 billion individuals. Guided by his visions, Emperor Muad’dib takes it upon himself to attempt to information humanity away from its personal destruction.

From data given in interviews, Villeneuve has already been contemplating adapting Dune Messiah as a 3rd film, making a trilogy of Dune films. The main focus can be on the deconstructive facet of the story and the cautionary messages inside. Dune Messiah exhibits that there isn’t a contented ending available in warfare, whereas cautioning in regards to the risks of character cults and mixing politics with faith—on a large, intergalactic scale.

Dune: The Sisterhood

A Bene Gesserit woman with glowing blue eyes.

In manufacturing for HBO Max, Dune: The Sisterhood is a prequel sequence to Dune, placing the highlight on the Bene Gesserit, like Woman Jessica, and their unusual powers. Villeneuve will even be concerned with the manufacturing of this sequence along with Brian Herbert. Villeneuve reportedly has a deep fascination with the lore of the Bene Gesserit, the order of highly effective ladies who quietly pull the strings and affect the Imperium and its politics.

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Dune: The Sisterhood will give a glimpse beneath the veil of the mysterious order of “witches.” They’re to the galaxy of Dune, in some ways, what the Jedi are to Star Wars, however the place the Jedi work overtly, the Bene Gesserit want to maintain to the shadows and work within the background. With solely scant data obtainable, it’s nonetheless unclear what the present’s story will contain. It may doubtlessly be an adaptation, at the very least partially, of the 2012 novel, Sisterhood Of Dune.

Adapting Herbert’s Unique Tales

Fremen woman standing in the desert of Arrakis.

Following Dune and Dune Messiah, Frank Herbert’s different 4 novels are Kids of Dune, God Emperor of Dune, Heretics of Dune, and Chapterhouse: Dune. These are apparent locations to search for extra tales to adapt for the large display. A 3-part miniseries known as Frank Herbert’s Kids Of Dune was already made in 2003 by SyFy (then known as Sci-Fi Channel), starring James McAvoy. These 4 tales proceed the saga initially began by Paul Atreides, vastly increasing the Dune universe.

Kids of Dune was the first-ever science fiction bestseller, following Leto and Ghamina, the dual youngsters of Muad’dib, who carry the destiny of the universe with them. God Emperor of Dune is about far additional into the long run, when the Fremen’s world of Arrakis has been reworked right into a planet of lush forests. The story appears to be like on the cyclic patterns in society, set in a universe dominated over by the seemingly immortal tyrant Leto II Atreides, who’s been reworked right into a monstrous hybrid of human and sandworm. Heretics of Dune takes place 500 years later nonetheless, after humanity has been scattered to the far corners of the universe, and Chapterhouse: Dune follows on from this story, because the Bene Gesserit battle to retain their political management.

For sure, adapting these tales can be an immense problem attributable to their dimension and scope. Quite than adapting Frank Herbert’s saga in full, it might be higher to deal with particular person storylines and plot threads drawn from these novels. Many of those novels have sufficient potential to spawn Dune sequels of their very own, adapting and doubtlessly even increasing upon present materials. There’s definitely no scarcity of fascinating characters to observe.

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The Butlerian Jihad

Paul Atreides on Caladan, the homeworld of House Atreides.

The Butlerian Jihad is the rationale why there aren’t any robots or computer systems in Dune. It is an period within the Dune saga, over 10,000 years earlier than the start of Paul Atreides, referred to a number of instances within the authentic Dune novels. This era within the historical past of humanity noticed the destruction of all “considering machines.” By the point Paul Atreides is born, creating synthetic intelligences is lengthy forbidden.

The novel Dune: The Battle of Corrin can be a very fascinating story to adapt. In it, the final free people within the universe lead a campaign towards the considering machines, battling an oppressive military of robots led by a sentient pc named Omnius. It covers a few of the occasions which finally outline the world as seen within the authentic Dune novel.

An adaption of those tales may discover synthetic intelligence and the way humanity can turn out to be guided by computer systems and machines, as this was canonically what precipitated the social upheaval which triggered the occasions of the books. In our fashionable world of know-how and tales about AI, this might be an fascinating piece of Dune lore to adapt for the large display. A cinema adaption primarily based on The Battle of Corrin might maintain a couple of parallels to extra acquainted film sagas, with Omnius being just like Terminator’s Skynet AI or the machines of The Matrix.

The Imperium of Corrino

Following the Battle of Corrin itself, the primary emperors established themselves, from Home Corrino, with their army power often called the Sardaukar. The occasions on this a part of Dune historical past lead into the occasions of the unique story. There is a wealth of fascinating storylines to be discovered on this formative period of the Dune universe, together with direct prequels.

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Film or TV adaptions set throughout this period may cowl a wealth of tales, from the Guild Navigators folding area for instantaneous interstellar journey, to the establishing of the Bene Gesserit order. That is additionally the time interval the place the Prelude to Dune prequel trilogy of novels is about. This storyline units up the occasions of the unique Dune story and its sequels, centering across the ill-fated Home Atreides rising from obscurity after being practically forgotten.

The Scattering And Their Return

One of the interstellar spacecraft from Dune.

After the autumn of the God Emperor, humanity is thrown into utter chaos, with trillions setting off to unfold out throughout the universe. Referred to as The Scattering, these human diaspora come to stay in a really completely different universe to the one seen within the authentic Dune story. Far sooner or later, many individuals from The Scattering return and throw the steadiness of political energy into disarray. The remnants of what’s now known as the Outdated Empire discover themselves at warfare towards highly effective and violent factions who’re virtually definitely their very own distant family members — as is the case with the Bene Gesserit with their Weirding Method, who discover themselves at odds with a matriarchal society often called the Honored Matres. Hanging over all of this like a sword of Damocles, there’s additionally the looming menace of a mysterious enemy from whom lots of The Scattering are fleeing.

This period of the Dune universe may very well be an thrilling place to adapt tales from. A warfare for political energy with shady and highly effective people working within the background can give an identical really feel to the Star Wars prequel period, whereas opposing forces who might have to unite to face a harmful unknown enemy is a comparable plot to the idea behind Sport of Thrones. There’s definitely an viewers hungry for character-based tales mired in warfare and political intrigue, and the Dune universe has no scarcity of potential to make tales like that for each films and tv sequence.

As the road from the ending of Villeneuve’s Dune says, “that is solely the start.” If the Dune films proceed to be successful, this line may tackle further that means. With Dune sequel films and TV spin-offs already within the works, it’s clear that a method or one other, Dune: Half Two gained’t be the final time audiences take pleasure in Frank Herbert’s universe on their screens.

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