Guardians of Rescue Makes Case for Giving Tuesday, Seeks Support to Fight Puppy Mills

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Guardians of Rescue puts puppy mills and “Adopt, Don’t Shop” in the spotlight

SMITHTOWN, New York – (November 24, 2023) – Those looking for a great cause to support on Giving Tuesday, November 28, 2023, need look no further than Guardians of Rescue. Although we are a nation of dog lovers, the organization is trying to remind everyone that not all dogs have it so great, especially when puppy mills are involved. This is a critical issue during this time of the year when people decide on holiday gifts. “Adopt, Don’t Shop” has never been so necessary, and people knowing about the issue is more critical.


“This time of the year, people like to add a dog to their family for the holidays,” explains Robert Misseri, founder of Guardians of Rescue. “Our teams and resources are being stretched thin as we try to save these animals being bred solely for profit.”


Puppy mills are a significant problem in the country, with people breeding dogs in backyards only to have them live in unfit conditions. The dogs are often starving, freezing, not adequately cared for, and only cared about once the seller gets paid. Guardians of Rescue Investigators in Ohio recently rescued over 30 dogs from a horrific puppy mill. The dogs were considered designer and would have brought thousands to the breeder. Upon rescue, it was discovered that they were horribly abused, matted, bruised, filled with lice, and suffering from injuries and illnesses.


In addition, rescue cases they have been working on include investigating a breeder in Kentucky who has been selling many ill puppies in a shopping mall parking lot. While they have been able to rescue several dogs from the breeder, some of which were so sick that they didn’t make it, their team investigator and former FBI investigator, Jack Garcia, continues to work on the case to get the breeder shut down for good.


They have also entered multiple dire cases in Georgia, including one where a dog had been put into the trash and taken to the dump. They assumed he was dead, only to see small movements coming from the dog as he struggled to get up. The dog has been rescued and remains receiving emergency veterinary care.


It is critical that those who want to have a dog become part of their family adopt rather than shop. Here are some tips to remember when it comes to finding a dog to join the family:

·         Adopt, don’t shop. Head to your local humane society, where you will find many great dogs waiting for new homes. Each year, there are nearly 1 million dogs euthanized in shelters around the country, while people buy from puppy mills.

·         If you choose to buy from a breeder, ensure it is reputable. You should get referrals and investigate before purchasing from the breeder. See where the dogs are living, ask questions, and look for signs of a puppy mill situation at work.

·         Know what makes for a reputable breeder. This includes breeding only one type of dog, allowing you to see where the dog lives, allowing multiple visits with the dog before adopting, having a health guarantee, etc.

·         Be aware of the signs of a puppy mill, which includes the opposite of what was mentioned above, and allow people to purchase the dogs online, sell them when they are under 8 weeks, have a variety of types of dogs, etc. If you suspect a puppy mill operation, report it to local animal rescue organizations so it can be investigated. If you suspect animal abuse taking place, call 911 to report it.

“Together, we can help dogs this holiday season by spreading awareness about puppy mills and adopting,” added Misseri. “When you support our work this Giving Tuesday, you will be helping to stomp out puppy mills and hold those responsible who are harming the dogs in them.”


To support the fight against dogfighting and animal cruelty, please donate:



Guardians of Rescue provides various services to help save animals, reunite people and pets, investigate animal cruelty cases, and offer disaster response assistance, such as in the aftermath of hurricanes. Their work has impacted people and animals around the world. They can only continue their work through the generosity of those who donate to support the cause. To get more information or make a donation, visit the site atwww.guardiansofrescue.org.


About Guardians of Rescue

Headquartered in New York, Guardians of Rescue is an organization whose mission is to protect the well-being of all animals. It provides aid to animals in distress, including rehabilitation, assisting other rescue groups, and supporting families, both military and not, who need assistance due to economic factors. To learn more about Guardians of Rescue, visit the site at www.guardiansofrescue.org.

Written by: Soft FM Radio Staff

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