Final Fantasy XIV fireworks show celebrates 10 years with 14,000 fireworks, drone art, and music

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Second performance of video game’s 10th anniversary celebration is scheduled for this fall.

It’s no easy feat to create a game that will still be popular and actively played a decade later, but that’s what Square Enix has accomplished with Final Fantasy XIV, which launched in its current, A Realm Reborn form all the way back in 2013. To mark that milestone, Japan is getting a series of Final Fantasy XIV fireworks shows, set to the soundtrack of the hit online RPG.

It’s a fitting salute to a franchise that’s long been known for its beautiful visuals and stirring music, and the organizers aren’t going small in scale. At the first of two planned shows, which took place on August 26 in Higashi Osaka City, 14,000 fireworks were shot into the night sky, accompanied by 20 different pieces of Final Fantasy XIV music, with colorful bursts timed to coincide with musical beats.

Before the pyrotechnics get started, though, the program includes a drone art show, recreating famous symbols from Final Fantasy lore such as the Mothercrystal, paired with the iconic “Prelude” that plays in each and every game in the series, including XIV at its startup screen.

More menacing is the Meteor emblem, which appears along with “Answers,” the main theme of Final Fantasy XIV.

And because a game doesn’t get to 10 years of continual play without a lot of support from fans, there’s also a thank-you message from one of the Moogles, Final Fantasy’s species of adorable winged creatures.

▼ Between this and the Pikachu from last month, Japan is currently in an age of extreme cuteness for drone art.

As mentioned above, the first Final Fantasy XIV 10th Anniversary Fireworks and Music show has already come and gone, with the Higashi Osaka event drawing some 16,000 fans. There’s a second performance coming up, but the date and venue are yet to be set. What we do know for sure is that it’ll take place in November, and somewhere in Kanto, Japan’s eastern region. That makes Tokyo a possible site, and also the city of Yokohama (which has already proven it can handle awesome Final Fantasy events).

In the meantime, if you need something to sip on while you wait for further details, don’t forget that those three new Final Fantasy XIV whiskies are also part of its 10th anniversary celebration.

Source: Final Fantasy XIV 10th Anniversary Fireworks and Music official website, PR Times
Images: PR Times
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