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Sony, founded all the way back in 1946, provide consumers with products ranging from next-generation game consoles, headphones, and mirrorless cameras. But what about its speakers? After all, Sony Music Entertainment owns half of the world’s music, so its speaker range is bound to impress. Well, the best Sony speakers can hold their own against the likes of Bose and JBL and there are many innovative options out there for you to choose from. From bass-heavy Bluetooth speakers to wearable options for full-frontal cinematic immersion, there’s something on the market to suit every audio possibility.

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With a plethora of options, it’s sometimes hard to cut the wheat from the chaff, but that’s where our list comes into play. With years of audio experience behind us, we have scoured the market and selected the best Sony speakers that money can buy. Whatever your requirements or intended use, there’s going to be something here to suit you, no matter your budget.

Best Sony speakers: Our top picks



Sony SRS-XP700

1. Best Sony speaker overall

Top of the shop Sony speaker

If you’re looking for a great party speaker with plenty of volume, built-in RGB light shows and a customizable EQ, the Sony SRS-XP700 is the choice for you.


  • Powerful thumping bass
  • Mic and guitar inputs
  • Fantastic LED show
  • EQ adjustments through app

Taking the crown of the best Sony speaker overall is the SRS-XP700. This speaker isn’t for the faint of heart and its large chassis will need a dedicated space in your living room. However, there’s so much to love about the SRS-XP700. Firstly, it is loud, really loud. If you’re looking for a party speaker with plenty of low-end emphasis then look no further, this has it in bucket loads.

The speaker’s good time capabilities are rocketed into the party-sphere by the customizable RGB lighting which can be controlled through the Sony Music Center app. The app is also where you can edit the speakers’ EQ, there’s either a selection of presets or you can get hands-on with the graphic EQ, which we think is very useful.

If your parties are the type to end in karaoke, there are both microphone and guitar inputs on the back of the SRS-XP700 and the 25-hour battery life will last most shindigs. There are speakers out there which are a bit less bulky than the SRS-XP700, but its build quality isn’t to be overlooked, it’s incredibly robust. Plus, the IPX4 water-resistant rating means it will hopefully survive if someone gets a bit too rowdy with their drink.



Sony Extra Bass SRS-XB43

2. The best portable Sony speaker

Best bass on a budget

The Sony Extra Bass SRS-XB43 is a fantastic budget-friendly option that has bass by the bucket load and is extremely portable too.


  • Great sound for parties
  • IP67 dust and weather-resistant
  • Party lights can be switched on/off

  • Not the greatest sound dispersion

The portable speaker market is a crowded one but Sony has attempted to stand out from the crowd by offering one primarily focused for parties. The Sony Extra Bass SRS-XB43 is aptly named as we found that the speaker is capable of a big, bold sound with an impressive bass response. With the capability of going down to 20Hz, the low-end is there in abundance and for a portable offering, you cannot complain about the volume on hand.

Sony Extra Bass SRS-XB43 review photo 8

Sony seems to be a big fan of internal lighting and the SRS-XB43 is no exception, with no less than six different lights crammed into this relatively small speaker. If you’re not the biggest fan of party lights, there is the option to turn them off. Being a buzzkill aside, turning the lights off will extend the speaker’s battery life to a generous 24 hours overall, instead of 14 hours with them on.

Being IP67 dust and weather-resistant the SRS-XB43 will survive a few splashes at a poolside party and the outputs and charging ports can be concealed to allow for more protective coverage. If we had one gripe about the SRS-XB43 it would be its sound dispersion, it’s quite directional. A 360 surround sound this is not, and to hear the audio at its best, being face-on with the speaker is advised.



Sony SRS-XG300 X-Series Portable Speaker

3. Best Sony speaker for outdoors

Get the party started outdoors

Sony’s SRS-XG300 is the answer to outdoor audio challenges. Equipped with dual front-facing woofers, it excels in bass projection, even on windy days. If you’re looking for outdoor audio, look no further


  • Great battery life
  • IP67 dust and weather-resistant
  • Quick charge capabilities
  • Customisable EQ

  • Some may prefer more power

Outdoor audio has been a problem that has plagued many a speaker company for years. The elements aren’t always best suited for clear audio projection, particularly on a windy day as a slight breeze can take your favorite song and throw it around into an inaudible mess. Over to you Sony.

The SRS-XG300 is the best Sony speaker to deal with such elements. The speakers’ dual front-facing woofers throw the bass rather well, and in this instance, the directionality works a treat. This speaker offers a fantastic audio punch and in ‘Mega Bass’ mode it delivers an impressive low-end boom which outperforms its diminutive size.

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The Sony Music Center app can also be used in full effect with the SRS-XG300, a 3-band adjustable EQ, illumination section and sound effect section are both practical and fun. With a 25-hour playback from a full charge, it is one of the better battery life in Sony’s catalog and if you ever find yourself in a battery pinch, you can get 70 minutes of playback time from a 10-minute charge.

The speaker’s fabric covering serves a dual purpose: it not only adds to its visual appeal but also provides the speaker with a waterproof rating of IP67. Altogether, the SRS-XG300 is a fantastic outdoor speaker and you could do much worse.



Sony SRS-RA3000 Reality Audio Wi-Fi/ Bluetooth Speaker

4. Best Sony speaker to fill a room

There aren’t many better at ambient, room-filling audio

If you’re looking for the best Sony speaker for home audio entertainment that can fill a room with beautiful, ambient audio then the SRS-RA3000 is the speaker for you.


  • Plenty of connectivity options
  • 360 degrees audio dispersion
  • An affordable price tag

  • Can get a little bass heavy

Although there is a slightly more expensive Sony speaker in the range, it’s hard to look past the Sony SRS-RA3000 as the best Sony speaker at filling a room with audio. Thanks to an affordable price tag, plenty of connectivity options and incredibly high-quality audio, the SRS-RA3000 punches well above its weight.

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This speaker is capable of very high-quality ambient room-filling sound thanks to its clever beam tweeter which produces sound waves that can overlap each other creating an upwards-facing wavefront. This is ideal if you want to hear audio from every corner of your living space. It offers an incredibly dynamic range of frequencies and performs well at lower and louder volumes. However, make no mistake, the bass frequencies are strong, perhaps too strong, and in some instances the low-end can make the audio a little murky.

The ability to hook the speaker up to Wi-Fi or Bluetooth expands the connectivity option immensely and Chromecast applicability means the SRS-RA3000 will feel right at home in any potential set-up. If you’re not the one who likes to fine-tune your speaker to fit your living space, this speaker comes with auto-audio calibration thanks to an internal microphone and clever Sony algorithms.

Sony SRS-NS7 Neckband Bluetooth Speaker


Sony SRS-NS7 Neckband Bluetooth Speaker

5. Best Sony speaker for cinematic immersion

Hear cinema like never before

Sony’s SRS-NS7 neckband speaker is a unique, head-turning choice for immersive home entertainment. It’s not your typical on-the-go device but excels in creating a surround sound cinematic experience.


  • Incredibly localized soundfield
  • Immersive surround sound
  • Great build quality

  • Some may find uncomfortable for long periods

Perhaps the most quirky design on our list, the Sony SRS-NS7 neckband speaker is likely to raise a few eyebrows. Now, let’s get something straight, the SRS-NS7 isn’t for listening to your favorite album on the train, instead, it’s fantastic for a fully immersive, surround sound cinematic experience at home.

Thanks to the speakers upward-firing full-range X-Balanced drivers and clever 3D technology the SRS-NS7 will give you 360 spatial surround sound. It’s an incredibly personal experience and if you want to feel and hear a film like never before, this is a fantastic option. It’s a pretty straight forward set up; all you have to do is connect the neckband to the included wireless transmitter and presto, you’re up and running.

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For the best results the Sony 360 Spatial Sound Personalizer app can capture your ear shape for a totally personalized experience. The app’s results then communicate with the speaker, so the audio is dispersed in tandem with your exact ear requirements for maximum efficiency.

The silicone design is comfortable enough, but we can see some people having trouble if you were to sit down and watch a mammoth film like “Lawrence of Arabia.” Sony has marketed this as a viable alternative for hands-free calling, but the best wireless headphones are likely to do a better job.



Sony LSPX-S3 Glass Sound Speaker

6. Best looking Sony speaker

Setting the mood with light and music

What do you get when you mix a candle and a speaker? Well, the Sony LSPX-S3 Glass Sound Speaker of course. An interesting design isn’t the only thing this speaker has going for it, it happens to sound fantastic too.


  • Incredibly unique design
  • An articulate and crystalline audio
  • Pretty authentic candlelight effect

Before encountering the Sony LSPX-S3 glass sound speaker, the concept of a candle-speaker hybrid had never even occurred to us, because, why would it? However, we’re glad it occurred to Sony as the LSPX-S3 is one of the best-looking and unique speakers currently on the market.

Most of the sound is created by the reassuringly heavy metal base. It houses the passive radiator and a 46mm speaker unit which takes care of the mid-range. What’s interesting about the LSPX-S3 is that the glass tube is attached to three actuators in the speaker which vibrate the glass tweeter to best spread audio in as wide a direction as possible. This isn’t just a gimmick, the LSPX-S3 delivers clear, articulate, well-dispersed audio.

And what about the looks? This speaker is by no means conventional and the LED candle which is housed in the center of the tube flickers very realistically. If you like setting the mood, this speaker will enhance it significantly. As mentioned, the metal base is weighted and pretty robust, but the glass tube presents a fragility that conventional speakers don’t suffer from.

The bottom line: What is the best Sony speaker?

The Sony SRS-XP700 rightfully earns the title of the best overall Sony speaker. Despite its large chassis, it offers a loud and powerful sound with a strong emphasis on low-end frequencies, making it ideal for parties. The customizable RGB lighting, accessible through the Sony Music Center app, adds to its party-friendly features. You can also fine-tune the speaker’s EQ settings using the app. There really isn’t much to dislike with this one.



Sony SRS-XP700

Editor’s Choice

If you are looking to spend a little less, the Sony Extra Bass SRS-XB43 is a fantastic option. As the name suggests, there’s plenty of bass punch and the portability makes it a viable option if you’re looking for the best Sony speaker to take on your travels. Those looking for a full sound experience while outdoors, the SRS-XG300 is a fabulous option with IP67 waterproof rating.

How did we choose the best Sony speaker?

There were a few different criteria taken into account when creating our list of the best Sony speakers. Firstly, we wanted to pick products that were in the current Sony lineup and widely available. Specifications such as volume, battery life, portability, durability, audio quality and price were the main factors that influenced our decision. Also, there’s nothing quite like first-hand experience and when a member of our Pocket-Lint team has reviewed a product, we have included it in our list.

Are Sony speakers worth it?

Having such extensive experience in electrical technology, it’s no surprise to hear that the best Sony speakers can rightfully stand among Bose, JBL and Sonos in terms of audio quality. Whether you’re looking for a portable party speaker, a speaker for cinematic immersion, a speaker to listen to music outdoors or a candle-speaker hybrid to accompany you in the bath, Sony has you covered. With such an extensive range, there are always likely to be a few duds, but rest assured, the best Sony speakers included on our list are our top recommendations.

Are Sony speakers expensive?

Although Sony have plenty of high-end options that can cost a pretty penny, the Japanese company also offers plenty of affordable options. The slightly less expensive speakers, such as the Sony Extra Bass SRS-XB43, is a fantastic option if you don’t want to outlay lots of money but still want a great sound.

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