Audio Music Construction System For ARM OS

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Synthfest UK 23: Audio Music Construction System For ARM OS

Custom OS for music creation      09/10/23

At SynthFest 2023, Quincy introduced the Audio Music Construction System (AMCS), a dedicated operating system designed for music composition and MIDI control. AMCS runs on ARM embedded boards, providing a unique approach to music creation.

The interface resembles a tracker, with notes arranged from top to bottom and tracks moving from left to right. Tracks can be of varying lengths, up to 256 steps, and they operate independently, allowing for multiple polyphonic loops to run simultaneously. With a staggering 256 MIDI tracks at your disposal, users can create complex compositions with ease. The system also features a mixing function, enabling the manipulation of tracks independently or via keyboard triggers.

Quincy’s old-school approach and extensive experience in Arm Assembler programming have given birth to a powerful and versatile music-making tool. For those who want to dive into music creation with AMCS, the system is available for purchase at


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