Angelina weighs in on Israel bombing Gaza: Palestinian and Israeli, lives of all people matter equally

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Angelina Jolie is on the side of humanity as she posted on the recent war between Israel and Hamas after the latter attacked music festival goers in Israel on October 7. In retaliation, Israel has been bombarding the entire Gaza Strip, which has resulted in thousands of Palestinian civilians getting killed. While Israel is calling it an act of defense against Hamas terrorism, Angelina Jolie shared her two bits on the entire episode. 

The Oscar-winning actress took to Instagram and wrote, “Like millions around the world I have spent the last weeks sick and angry at the terrorist attack in Israel, the death of so many innocent civilians, and wondering how best to help. I too am praying for the immediate, safe return of every hostage, and for the families who carry the unimaginable pain of a murder of a loved one. Above all, the children murdered, and the many children now orphaned.”

The actress continued, “What happened in Israel is an act of terror. But that cannot justify the innocent lives lost in bombing a civilian population in Gaza that has nowhere to go, no access to food or water, no possibility of evacuation, and not even the basic human right to cross a border to seek refuge.”

Her statement continued, “My focus is on the people displaced by violence in any context. Gaza has a population of over 2 million people (half of them children), who have lived under a severe blockade for nearly two decades, on top of decades of displacement and statelessness. The few aid trucks that are entering are a fraction of what is needed (and was delivered daily before the present conflict), and the bombings are causing desperate new humanitarian needs daily. The denial of aid, fuel and water is collectively punishing a people. Humanity demands an immediate ceasefire. Palestinian and Israeli lives – and the lives of all people globally – matter equally.”

This is not the first time that Angelina Jolie has spoken about a humanitarian crisis. The actress has worked for almost 20 years with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, campaigning in support of forcibly displaced people around the world. She first joined in 2001 as a UN goodwill ambassador and then in 2012, she was made a special envoy. Last year, she stepped down from her role with the UNHCR, saying at the time that she wanted to tackle a wider set of humanitarian and human rights issues.

As for the larger crisis, only a week ago, the border crossing between Egypt and Gaza opened to allow just a handful of trucks carrying aid into the territory. Aid workers have called it insufficient to begin with considering the crisis at hand. 

Meanwhile, Angelina Jolie has pledged to donate to medical relief efforts and has “chosen to support the work of Doctors Without Borders”.

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