9 U.S. Army Soldiers Make Urgent Appeal to Rescue 8 Dogs, 1 Cat That Won’t Survive if Left Behind

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Paws of War is racing to save 9 animals from certain death for U.S. deployed troops 


NESCONSET, New York – (December 6, 2023) –When urgent appeals are being made, it is usually the soldiers who are responding to provide help. This time around, the soldiers are making an urgent appeal and hoping that the community and Paws of War will be able to come through for them. Paws of War is committed to helping them every step of the way, but time is in short supply, and they need the community’s help to ensure that the costs of the mission are covered.


“We are used to getting one soldier to reach out to us for help, but this is a group of 9 U.S. Army soldiers who need urgent rescue assistance,” says Robert Misseri, the co-founder of Paws of War. “We know how brutal the conditions are and what it means to these soldiers to get the pets moved to America. We will make it happen with the help of people in the community. No one wants to spend Christmas thousands of miles away from family but the only way they’re going to have a good holiday is if they know these dogs and cat are safe.”

The pets are Onyx, Anakin, Ella, Obi, Lulu, Robert, Franky, Jerry and Little Beans. They and the U.S. Army soldiers are located in Southeast Europe, where conditions are brutal. The temperature has plummeted, freezing cold is setting in, and the wind is brutal, especially if you are a dog or cat fight to survive the conditions outdoors. The soldiers have rescued the animals and bonded with them. Tragically, one of the dogs already died. Paws of War is rushing to the aid of the others so there is no more death or suffering. They cannot bear to see them left behind or left out in the cold, harsh environment to fight to survive. Left in their current conditions, they are sure to die in the temperatures that are consistently below freezing.

U.S. Army Specialist L. is one of the soldiers pleading for help for his dog, Onyx. While on duty during a torrential rainstorm, he found Onyx abandoned in the dirt by the side of the road. His heart broke when he saw him there, covered with bloody wounds and barely the size of his boot. His fur was a mess, and his skin was infected and would peel off in his hands. He was also infested with mites. Spc. L. looked into his eyes, saw he wanted to live, and could not walk away. He rescued him nursed him back to health, and the two have created a strong bond.

“I did everything I could to help him – working around my duties and spending every moment I could by his side,” says Spc. L. “Day by day, he grew a little stronger, and after four months of care, he had recovered enough that his personality was showing, and I knew then that there was no way I could face the heartbreak of losing him and leaving him behind to suffer. He means the world to me.”


Spc. L. is praying that Onyx has a chance to make it by living out his life with him in America. He wants all the pups to get moved to America, where they can live the rest of their lives with the soldiers who rescued and cared for them.


“They have all given us so much joy and companionship, and we are pleading for help to save them because the alternative is something none of us are ready to face,” Spc. L. added.


Paws of War is currently working on 60 animal rescues around the world, and has been operating worldwide since 2014, helping the military save the animals they rescue while deployed overseas. They have helped veterans with numerous issues, including suicide prevention, service and support dogs, companion cats and dogs, food insecurity, veterinary care, etc. Paws of War has a large loyal following of supporters and looks forward to working with new corporate sponsors to support these life-saving programs. To donate to support their mission, visit its site at


About Paws of War

Paws of War is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) charitable organization that assists military members and their pets, rescues and trains dogs to be service dogs, and provides companion animals to veterans and first responders. To learn more about Paws of War and the programs provided or donate, visit its site at

Written by: Soft FM Radio Staff

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